Thermo Lovelies

  Fronted by Visitors backing vocalist Alexia Vernon, Thermo Lovelies also feature Brian Smedley (guitar) and Stuart Croskell (bass).

   The music- a mellow guitar based original mix of  Smedley  & Vernon tunes and lyrics  is being put into CD form in early 2000 with the release of the album ‘Galactic Hussey’.

   Songs featured include ‘Flood Warning’ , ‘Gun in My Hand’ , ‘Lisle Diesel’,  ‘Bottleneck’, ‘that one with the A modal theme I can’t remember the name of’ and  ms Vernons  bio-‘Galactic Hussy’.

   Describing the Thermo’s music isn’t easy…unless Alexia isn’t looking over your shoulder and censoring you all the time. Artistes huh!

   So we got in an independent  specialist in musical psychology to analyse the content. He went mad after 30 minutes with the first set of lyrics and got off with Stuart half way through the second set.

   Suffice to say there is nothing in the slightest bit barmy about Alexias lyrics and she has supplied the following references to testify to this.

1.D.Bruton (poetry student-London University;- Expelled January 2000)

2. S.Croskell (Featured artiste ‘Forgotten Heroes’-in Bridgwater Historian Roger Evans new book about little known bass playing drama teachers who’d once fought in the Cod Wars)

3. M.Bartlett (Supply teacher and cleverest man in Bridgwater)

   For more information on the Thermo Lovelies take a copy of the Yellow Pages, rip out all the words, make paper mache out of them and then curl up with something by Ben Johnson whilst listening to Glen Miller.



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