News update : 22nd May 1998

Everbloom Studio Update

Everbloom went back into the studio on 1st May to record a new single consisting of tracks 'Love', 'Never Time To' and 'The Original Skitz'. The basic tracks went down fairly easily, although some of the time changes in 'Never Time To' meant that it needed several retakes. Next to be recorded were the lead guitar lines for 'Never Time To' and 'The Original Skitz'. Finally came Batas' vocals, starting with 'Never Time To' which went down after a few vocal warm ups. This track sounds particularly impressive, definitely one to watch out for. The band then took a breather to write some more words for 'The Original Skitz' because at that point it only had one verse repeated many times. Finally came the vocals for 'Love'. Being a professional Batas managed to get the vocals recorded before his voice gave out completely (those that have heard the song live will now how difficult it is to sing). The boys went back into the studio on the 19th May to put down the backing vocals and to mix the songs. The finished result sounds fantastic and 'Love' has been confirmed as the lead track for the single. Some cover artwork is being commissioned and the CD is currently scheduled for a mid July release. The web site now has sneak previews of all three tracks, so hot foot it over to the songs page and have a listen. Studio

News update : 30th April 1998

Everbloom Support The Fall

Mark E Smith Everbloom recently supported The Fall at the Reading Alleycat. According to the band the gig was something of a debacle with Mark E Smith AWOL for most of the day, drinking himself stupid in a local hotel. The audience consisted largely of thirty-somethings gently nodding their heads (this was as excited as they got all evening). It would be true to say, that they certainly weren't expecting a band like Everbloom. "We'll put this one down to experience" said Batas.

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News update : 15th April 1998

Everbloom Review In Kerrang!

Kerrang! The Consider This EP has been reviewed in Kerrang! magazine were it received 4 K's. Check out the Reviews page for more details.

News update : 7th January 1998

Happy New Year

Everbloom kicked off their last three shows of '97 supporting The Jellys (ex Wildhearts guitarist CJ's new band) at the Exposure Rock Cafe, Dudley on 17th December. The audience were reminiscent of sandles on wet sand after every song performed by either band. During the gig various Womens Insitute and PTA groups would wander in for pre-meeting drinks. Both bands were well received, if somewhat apathetically. I think this may have been the last gig at this venue... and to be honest you could see why. I've seen more enthused people at a launderette. However, it was a good chance to get acquainted with The Jellys and warm up for the next night at Birmingham Exposure Rock Cafe. CJ told us that Birmingham would be a much better gig with more of the Honeycrack and Wildhearts faithfull turning up to check out The Jellys. He wasn't wrong. The turn out was better, the audience was enthusiastic and the sound was spot on.
Everbloom Everbloom took to the stage at 9.15 and started out with Pumpalina as the opening track. Mike Port and Nick Hodges started slowly winding up the song until it exploded into full grinding guitar-based madness. This seem to set the tone for the rest of the evening as the Gloucestershire quartet launched into Eggy's Den, an aggressive party song where movement is essential. The band then moved onto other faves such as Flowerhead, Celebration For The Blade, Does It Matter?, Love and eventually finishing off with the brutal Kingy. The crowd were fantastic and loved every minute of it.
The Jellys as the headlining act took to the stage at 10.30 to raptuous applause. They then went on to give a blinding performance that rounded off a successfull night for both bands. Hopefully they will be performing together again in the not to distant future. Keep an eye on the gig guide for details.
The third and final gig was at The Fusilier & Firkin, Camden Town, London in support of Libido (a recent signing to Fire Records). It had taken over three hours to set the bands up amidst very little space and a lot of PA equipment. It had become obvious that members of Libido were getting very agitated and at 9:25, five minutes before we were due to take the stage they told us to take our equipment off the stage as a Japanese film crew would be turning at 9:45 to film them.

POP QUIZ : Can you guess what Everblooms response was?

A) Of course, you're a signed band and we would hate to tread on your toes.
B) OK, but can we have your autographs?
C) F**k you, we're playing!

Send your answers to the 'F**k you, we're playing competition' at

So Everbloom took to the stage once again to play a frantic half hour set, to what seemed to be mainly A&R people. Not the most enthusiastic people in the world but certainly the ones you most want to impress. Midway through the set the cameras appear, stage egos explode and the whole place comes alive. Again the audience gave raptuous applause as Everbloom brought 1997 to a satisfying end.


PS. Cheers to The Jellys - top blokes.

News update : 1st December 1997

New E.P & Mini-Album Out Now

Consider This Due to growing popular demand Everbloom are to release 'Consider This' as a new single, backed with 'Pumpalina', 'Sophie' and 'Solitaire'. The song is the lead track from the bands 1997 live session. They have also issued a mini-album under the same name featuring Consider This, Celebration For The Blade, Pumpalina, Could It Be You, Eggy's Den, Kingy and Solitaire. Go to the songs page to hear a sample of this and other tracks.

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