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Tresco has one of the most famous gardens in the world. The climate on the isles of scilly enables plants that would not surive anywhere else in the UK to thrive. The Duchy of Cornwall Leased the Isles of Scilly to Augustus Smith in 1834. He built Tresco Abbey and started creating the garden and what has turned in to an enormous collection of plants from all over the world.

Tresco is also an excelent sopt for bird watching. It has two freshwater pools (the Abbey Pool and the Great Pool), these attract birds such as teal Dunlins and Plovers. In the Autum, migrating birds rare and common can be seen.

The island is also a walkers paradise, there are numerous sites of historical interest and fabulous views from the costal walks, such as Harry's Walls Cromwell's and King Charles's Castles.


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Scilly Isles


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