"Whatever we do, whatever we touch, it comes out wrong. We've learned how to celebrate that." - Mark Brydon

It was at a party in Sheffield in 1994 that Róisín Murphy spotted Mark Brydon, walked up to him and asked, "Do you like my tight sweater? See how it fits my body." Soon afterwards, they rushed off to a studio to record an album named after Róisín's come-on. Thus Moloko was born.

Their music is an indefinable (but still very distinctive) mixture of drum 'n' bass, trip hop, jazz and alien-like noises, all brought together by Róisín's powerful voice and some quite seriously fucked up lyrics. Their music definitely has a dark edge, but not without humour. And at times it makes you (almost) piss your pants in fear.

Mark worked in the music industry long before he co-created Moloko. He produced Krush's House Arrest and remixed music by Eric B and Rakim. He'd also worked with local Sheffield funk bands Chakk and Cloud 9. Róisín went to art school for a while but got bored and dropped out.

The name Moloko is taken from Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange, in which its literal meaning (in Russian) is "milk". Its implicit meaning, however, has more to do with drugs than dairy products, and Róisín admits the former definitely plays a part in their music (well, duh...)

Since they formed, Moloko have released two full-length albums (
Do You Like My Tight Sweater in 1995 and I Am Not A Doctor in 1998) as well as a number of singles. Their songs have been featured on a number of compilations and soundtracks and their original sound and captivating live gigs have won them a loyal fanbase in the UK as well as abroad.

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