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March 27, 2000
Moloko's official site, has finally been updated with some information on the new single and album.

Also, check out the new tour dates to see if the band's coming to play anywhere near you :)

March 18, 2000
More tour dates! Thanks to Dmitry for posting these to the mailing list.

March 17, 2000
Well folks its been absolutely aaaaaages since I last updated. Oops... I will hopefully be working to update much of the site within the next couple of weeks, but not too many promises since I have a lot of other work to do.

Onto exciting Moloko news!

The new single The Time Is Now, already getting a lot of air play, will be released March 20.

Moloko's third full-length album Things To Make And Do is scheduled for release on April 10 in the UK!

Roisin is interviewed in this weeks NME. You can view the article online here

2 upcoming tour dates have been added to the tour section. I know there are probably more, but these are the ones which have been confirmed by Flipster on the message board at the official site.

September 20, 1999
I've added the Downsized lyrics finally, so all the lyrics are up now! (except for a few small gaps...)

September 16, 1999
Again I would like to apologise for not updating. I'm just too busy at the moment... hopefully the situation will be rectified within the next couple of weeks.

In the meanwhile, go to to download "Bed and Breakfast", a previously unreleased track which the band have made available "as a thank you to all the Moloko Web Surfers out there" as they so kindly put in their latest newsletter. Also, as stated on the official website, Moloko are planning to tour during the autumn and into early 2000!!! No tour dates announced yet though.

September 1, 1999
Sorry for the lack of updates recently :( I've been working too much on my other website, plus I'm in the process of moving. Anyways, onto the news...

The Sing It Back single is out now and headed straight into the charts at number 4 this week!!! This is Moloko's first ever Top Ten single!! It's been getting heavy radio rotation in the last couple of weeks and is also featured on several Ibiza compilation albums.

As for updates, the lyrics to the second album are now up. A BIG thanks to Jai for sending them to me!

August 15, 1999
The Sing It Back video has been added to the Box, as number 745 (at least for the London one). So go order it!

July 28, 1999
I forgot to put this up on the site when I first heard it: according to MTV (UK) Brand New from a couple of days ago, Moloko's single "Sing It Back" is No. 1 in the US dance charts!

July 26, 1999
The lyrics for the first album are up. I am still working on figuring out the words to the second album. If you want to help me or correct me on the ones that are up, please email me!

The Party Weirdos and Tight Sweater au's have been uploaded as well and you can find them in the Sounds section.

July 16, 1999
As announced on the official Echo Label Ltd website, Moloko are planning to release Sing it back as a single on August 24th. The single will be available on three formats with the following track listings:

Sing It Back - Boris Dlugosch musical mix [edit]
Sing It Back - Can 7 supermarket mix [edit]
Sing It Back - Album Version

Sing It Back - Boris Dlugosch musical mix
Sing It Back - Can 7 supermarket mix [edit]
Sing It Back - Herbets tasteful dub

Sing It Back - Boris Dlugosch musical mix [edit]
Sing It Back - Can 7 supermarket mix [edit]
Sing It Back - Tee's radio mix

July 15, 1999
Added a couple of more links.

July 14, 1999
Got the page up, finally. Please have a look around and tell me what you think!

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