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The best in folk music and song every Thursday evening


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Vic celebrated his 70th birthday earlier this year. This year also marks the 50th year since he became involved in running folk clubs starting with the one at his college. Tina and Vic started running weekly folk clubs together in 1966 firstly in South London and then from 1968 in the Brighton and Lewes areas. For the last 23 years they have been the mainstays of this club at the Royal Oak.
Although the club continues to thrive and this year has seen some tremendous nights at the Royal Oak, the end of 2013 seems to them both to be a good time to call it a day. At the moment there would seem to be no obvious successors to take over from them.
For our part, we would like to thank the very many people who have supported us over the years.
This website now has pages devoted to videos. The page has been divided into two sections; the first shows video performances of coming guests and the second features videos that have been filmed by various people at club nights at the Royal Oak. Currently, there are over two hundred videos embedded in these pages and they include:-

In addition there are now four pages of videos of appearances at the Royal Oak including Chris Foster. Jez Lowe, Bartram Brookes & Weatherall, Martyn Wyndham-Read & Iris Bishop, Mike Gulston, Tim Van Eyken, Carthy Waterson & Parkinson, Mandy Murray, Davis Locker & Winquist, Black Umfolosi 5, John Kirkpatrick, The Long Hill Ramblers, The Twagger Band, Maggie Boyle, Linda Game, Edel Fox, The Savoy Family Band, Matt Quinn Jeanie Harris & Dan Quinn, Bing Lyle, Derrick Hughes, Tina Smith, Derrick Hughes, Cathal McConnell & Duncan Wood, Ian Chisholm, Terry Masterson, Noel Dumbrell, Dan Quinn, Danny Meeney, Mike Ainscough, Derrick Hughes. Debby McClatchy, Henry Sparks, Marilyn Bennett, Dave Andrews, Sheila Bentham, Jim Ward, Roger Brasier, Annie Winter, Rattlebag, Jan Creaye, Hannah James, Rowan Rheingans, Lady Maisery, Zoox,Brigitte Kloareg & Yann-Fańch Perroches, Keith Wheele, Brighton Morris Men, Vic Smith, Rattle On The Stovepipe, Sandra Goddard, George Smith, Rattle On The Stovepipe, Valmai Goodyear & Bryan Creer, Murray Shelmerdine, Jeff Davis

Click here to go to the Videos page.

Click on:-
About Us for statement of policy, for the format of the evening, and for details of our location and a map.
Calendar for our programme of guest artists up until the end of 2013.
News for fuller details and a short biography of our guest artists up until the end of 2013 .
Pictures for two pages of photographs of some of our coming guest artists.
What's New for guests in future months and some of our plans.
Other Stuff for biographies of resident singers/musicians and a look through our guest list for the past year or so.
Links for links to other folk music events in south-east England.
Videos for two sections of videos, The first section features videos of artists who have been booked to appear at The Royal Oak. The second features videos of past performances at The Royal Oak
Contact for phone number and address of the organisers
Email to send an email to the organisers now

For other pages on this site, click on:-

for an on-line version of the essential guide to folk song and dance in and around Sussex. This will be updated on-line as soon as each issue is prepared.
Pistols for details of the popular barn dance band and how to book them.
Compound Sounds for details of Vic and Tina's various Gambian interests
Jali Sherrifo Konteh for details of the great singer and kora master from The Gambia and of his CDs.
Buba to have a look at (and buy) the wonderful batiks by the Gambian Batik Artist, Buba Drammeh.

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