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Sir Frederic Osborn School Welwyn Garden City
Use these pages to organise re-unions and catch up with old friends.
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Andy Machen, now in Nairn, Highlands of Scotland (posted 7/3/2002)
I was at the High School from 64 - 69. Had a very pleasant reunion a few years ago and met many old friends. I have a picture at home with all the attendees on it. Kevan I will check it to see if Mick Kirkham was on it because we knocked around together quite a lot in the old days.
e-mail windsornairnscotland@btinternet.com

Rachel Haggar, now in Brussels, Belgium (posted 19/12/2001)
I was at Sir Freds between 1980 and 1984, and am looking for old school friends who were there at the same time. Does anyone know where Cheryl Reid is? She got married and went to live in Letchworth. Her married name was Redfern. Also seeking Debbie Mardling.
e-mail rachelhaggar@yahoo.co.uk

Justine Hart, now in Suffolk (posted 14/11/2001)
I went to SFO from 1985 until 1992 - And had a brilliant time there. The canteen managed to produce some cracking good cheesy topped rolls - it made going in to school everyday worth while!
Would love to hear from any one who attended sfo during those years especailly if you were in my form - 1 - 5E
e-mail Jusmow@aol.com

Andy Geliot, now in Bournemouth (posted 13/11/2001)
Hi, anyone remember me? I was at Sir Fred's from 1985-1987, then moved. I still visit a couple of times a year.
e-mail andsrobert@hotmail.com

James Fitch, now in Peterborough (posted 26/10/2001)
Mr Hague is an ernie head....I left in 1999-2000, I'm now in Peterborough, skateboarding and blading my ass off!!! e-mail me whenever dudes :)
e-mail akuma666wicca@hotmail.com

Julie Castle, WGC (posted 20/10/2001)
Hi, I was at the school between 1980 and 1985 have been married now divorced but have two great kids i still live and work locally.
e-mail julie.holloway@ntlworld.com

Judith Boon, Hatfield (posted 26/8/2001)
I'm still only 5ft tall, and Steve is still my bruv!!! If anyone out there remembers me (not very likely) I'm still a bit mad and would love to hear from you.
e-mail Judijudi22@hotmail.com

Steve Boon, WGC (posted 20/8/2001)
Was at The High School/SFO 1966 to 1973. Better remembered for being 'Dougal', the hairs fast going (went grey years ago) but the beard's still there. Now days better known as Boonie of Saracens Fezboys fame.
e-mail Boonie@Welwyngardencity.co.uk

Andrew Leadbetter now in Northamptonshire (posted 8/8/2001)
I left Sir Freds back in 1995 to go to college to train as an Engineer, I am now working for the Environment Agency dealing with developerments and projects that affect the flood plain in East Anglia. People who read this should try www.friendsreunited.co.uk if you dont have much luck with this site.
e-mail mail@lagas.co.uk

Matthew Cain, now in Essex (posted 11/7/2001)
I'm one of the five Cain's who attended Sir Freds between 1967 and 1982. Peter - 1967 to 74, Terence - 1969 to 76, Anthony - 1971 to 78, Me - 1973 to 80, Andrew - 1975 to 82. None of us live in the area now but if you knew any of us (and want to get in touch!) let me know.
e-mail mrcain@globalnet.co.uk

Kevan Baker (now in California) (posted 1/7/2001)
Does anyone know the whereabouts of either Michael Kirkham or Martin Harris. They were both at Howlands Junior School in 1963 - 1964 time and then went on to The High School (Frederick Osborne) until 1971. I would like to hear from either of them if they are out there !
e-mail kevanbaker@iname.com

Neil Bowles (posted 24/6/2001)
Hi People this is a very long shot, but if there are any of you out there that was in the very first year of Sir Fred's like myself and of course Nicky Faldo (as he was known back then!!), why not get in touch. We are still having our regular get togethers, so why not join us sad old gits for a chat and a drink. We next intend to meet at the Attimore Pub on 6th July. For those of you that haven't been around for awhile it is a relatively new pub across the road from the school in the Attimore Hall building, where the New Foundland's used to come from. But even if you can't make it contact me and I will pass on any messages.
e-mail bionicbowles@aol.com

Graham Hood, Camden (posted 15/6/2001)
1981 - 20 years on and I still haven't finished all the homework!
e-mail grahood@cwcom.net

Mark Norwood, now in Linslade, Beds (posted 6/6/2001)
I was at Sir Freds from 1985 to 1989. it would be very interesting to get in touch with some of the people I had some great times with!
e-mail mark.norwood@ntlworld.com

Paul Hales (now in Perth, Western Australia) (posted 16/3/2001)
Would like to hear from any one who went to Sir Frederic Osborn School between 1967-1972.
e-mail p_hales@hotmail.com

Neil Bowles (now in Cranfield Beds) (posted 10/3/2001)
I was one of the many that started at Sir Freds in it's first year 1968. Have kept in touch with people through our reunions but it would be nice to see a few more faces. Get in touch and I will tell you about my screen name!!
e-mail bionicbowles@aol.com

Simon Barnett (now in Felixstowe) (posted 9/2/2001)
Any one remember and want to get in touch now we are all hitting 30? Was at Sir Freds 1982-1989 (previously Panshanger JMI) then moved to Felixstowe and went to College in Derby. Happy to hear from anyone out there.
e-mail simon.barnett1@btinternet.com

Martin FRENCH (now in Canada) (posted 25/1/2001)
I attended Attimore. Later Sir Freds 1967 -70.Used to live on South Ley. I am now living and working in Toronto Canada.Left the UK in 1975. I am hoping that some of my old class mates are still around. Be nice to hear from someone who was there during that time.
e-mail sentinel@csolve.net

Carol Perry (was Burgess) now in Bramfield, Nr Hertford (posted 24/1/2001)
Hi to anyone who was at Sir Freds between 1968 - 75 (gosh - was it that long ago!). We do have a small reunion group meeting every couple of months in the Welwyn/Hertford area. Please contact me to find out when and where the next one is - it would be great to catch up with you.
e-mail cperry@kettlefish.com

Don Harris (now in Denmark) (posted 10/12/2000)
Looking for anyone that left Sir Freds in 1980. Not that anyone will remember me as i was never there! If anyone reads this from around that time, please mail me as it would be great to hear from "days gone bye".
e-mail dood@mail.tele.dk

Dean Plows (now in the sun - Australia) (posted 1/12/2000)
I attended Sir Freds (sort of) 80-85ish but maths was never my strong point ask Mr. Hague. I don't get back very often but get in touch and when I do we can have a ball.
e-mail dvant68@hotmail.com

Dianne Wainwright (nee Waygood) now in Buntingford, Herts. (posted 15/11/2000)
I went to Sir Freds 1983 - 88 and have lost touch with loads of people. Any old friends or classmates from 's' getin touch. Who could forget the Campus Disco, Moneyhole Lane Disco, the parties, the Oak pub... Need I go on. I now live in Buntingford and work out of Luton Airport but still pop back to WGC to meet up with friends.
e-mail dianne.wainwright@easyjet.com

Jason Edwards (still in WGC) (posted 7/9/2000)
I Still live in WGC and went to Sir Freds from 1982-1986
e-mail Jason@lowcostholidays.com

Natasha Haggar (now in London) (posted 7/8/2000)
I lived in WGC for 10 years and went to Sir Freds from 1982 I want to say how much I enjoyed the Campus discos and Stanborough Lakes. Looking for people who attended Sir freds between 1982 and 1988.
e-mail natasha.haggar@nihha.org.uk

David Marshall (now in Devon) (posted 23/7/2000)
I'm looking for old school chums who went to Sir Frederic Osborn School between 1970 and 1972. Would have been in the first or second years. please reply to my email address asap.
e-mail david.marshall3@btinternet.com