Nautical and General Titles

Alone in the Wilderness
Just published!
The reprinted edition of Mike Tomkies' classic book on his years spent in the wilds of British Columbia, now completely revised, updated and enhanced with a 16-page colour section.

Single Handed
Coming soon!

A photographic study of single-handed General Practitioners in the remote and beautiful areas of Scotland. Rosie Donovan is a Glasgow-born photographer and her striking photographs capture the essence of her subjects, reflecting their personalities, lifestyles and interests.
Across the Pond
(formerly called Crossing the Pond)

A popular history of one of the world's great oceans - the North Atlantic. An essentially chronological voyage is traced through history starting with early exploration and including topics such as colonists, pirates, warfare and trade.
Lost Sounds

The story of the development of coast fog signals from their invention to all aspects of their use and implementation - another piece in the jigsaw of our maritime heritage.
Not Really What You'd Call a War

The experiences encountered by an undergraduate who in the Second World War became an ordinary seaman, commissioned officer and a Liaison Oficer in a Free French ship.
The George of Port Seton
The fascinating history of a 17th century trading vessel and its master, a unique account of shipping and trading hundreds of years ago.
No more Paraffin-Oilers 2nd edition
A light-hearted account of life in the Lighthouse Service. The author provides fascinating detail about the construction of lighthouses around the Scottish coast and the development of the Service.
Now in its 2nd edition due to continuing demand.
Footsteps in the West The author's experience of life in India and the West based on his observations of diverse characters belonging to different religions, backgrounds and professions.
A High and Lonely Place
The struggle for the Cairngorms - read for yourself about its beauty, its wildlife, the decline of its pine forests, the conflicting interests of tourism and ecology but, most of all, be entranced by Jim Crumley's lyrical and vivid account of the land and its sights and sounds.
Supporting The City - The Influence of Engineering on Glasgow's Buildings
This book brings together a selection of Glasgow’s more famous buildings and describes them from an engineering perspective - but in a way that is interesting and readily understood.
One Cap Over the Windmill
The story of the renovation of a derelict windmill and in the process the discovery of a fascinating history.
Everest - the Man and the Mountain
We have all heard of the mountain, but what of the man? This is the only detailed account of this extraordinary man - a fascinating blend of scholar and explorer.
Directory of Scotland's Organisations
A comprehensive listing of almost 2000 organisations in Scotland with contact details.
Sixpence for the Wind: A Knot of Nautical Folklore
A fascinating introduction to the hugely untapped field of sealore, the collected wisdom and superstition of seafarers. Discover the origin of words, phrases and stories.
It was fun while it lasted
A lively, at times hilarious, first-hand account of a lighthouse keeper's life in the last traditional years before the introduction of helicopter reliefs and automation.
Inventors and Engineers of Caithness
An account of the lives and achievements of a small number of people who had a surprisingly large impact on society in their own time and now!
No Port in a Storm
A marvellous collection of true stories about lightships and those who manned them. Adventure, tragedy, heroism, humour and much more - it's all here! Highly acclaimed in numerous reviews.
A Quiet Life
A beautifully written account of the unique life of lighthouses in the 20s and 30s where the mundane activities of a mainland existence become exciting, certainly different and often downright near impossible.
A Light Walk
The story of Ian Cassell's 1100-mile sponsored walk to raise money for the RNLI, calling at all the manned lighthouses on the Scottish mainland. He writes with his usual blend of humour, history and social comment.
Rock Lighthouses of Britain: The End of an Era?
In this book Chris Nicholson traces the history and superhuman efforts required for the construction of a number of rock lighthouses and the dramatic and often heroic happenings associated with them.
Swein Asleifson: A Northern Pirate
The tale of a pirate 800 years ago, bringing together all the action, double-dealing and bloodthirsty adventures.

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