The Legend of the Lovespoon

The tradition in Wales of giving a gift of a carved wooden spoon to a loved one to symbolise affection has its roots in centuries past.In fact, the English expression to go "spooning" - is believed to have its origins in this ancient Welsh custom. It is thought that the Lovespoon represented an early type of engagement ring, or that the presentation and subsequent acceptance of the carved spoon confirmed the beginning of a serious courtship. Lovespoons can be elaborate or plain as there are no set rules on their design but it is now generally accepted that certain designs incorporate specific meanings.

The oldest known lovespoon is in the collection at the Welsh Folk Museum, St. Fagan's, Cardiff dated 1677.
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Here are a few of the Lovespoon symbols and their significance:

A Wheel: Willingness to work for a loved one.
Anchor: Steadfastness or home to stay or my love is safe with you.
Bells: Marriage.
Bowl: A wish to provide for you.
Celtic Cross: Faith or marriage.
Chain Links: Number of children desired or Captured love or Years together.
Daffodil: National emblem of Wales.
Diamond: Good fortune or We shall be enriched together.
Double Spoons: The couple.
Double Hearts: We feel the same about each other.
Dragon: A national emblem of wales. For strength and protection.
Flowers: Courtship.
Heart shaped bowl: A full life together or We shall be happy together.
Horse Shoe: Good Luck and Happiness.
Single Heart: My heart is yours.
Triple Spoons: The couple or hoped for family. Our Love will be blessed.
Keys, Keyholes,Locks: My house is yours.
Ball in Cage: Number of children desired or Captured love or Years together.
Barley Twist: Derived from the rope theme often carved by sailors.
Leaves: Growing love or Our love will grow.
Ship: For a smooth passage through life.
Ship's Wheel: Let us guide each other through life.
Soul Sign: Our union will be blessed or God blesses us both.
Vines: Our love will grow or Growing together.
Windows: I am watching over you.

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