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Roy John Phillips Roy John Phillips

Son of Bryn Phillips who some of you may know as a Lace Bobbin turner of Bryncraft Bobbins. I moved to Isfryn, Aberarth in July of 1986 from a background in retail management to pursue a dream of working with wood and other mediums as a self employed craftsman.
Although being interested in wood from an early age it was not until in my twenties that I started making wooden toys as a hobby.
Aberarth Crafts has grown out of these small beginnings in toy making to a complete change in direction with the carving of traditional Welsh Lovespoons some designs of which may be found on my web site and in many outlets around Wales and overseas.
Today I send Lovespoons to many countries around the globe, being especially known for the miniature versions that I make and a willingness to tackle special commissions no matter what they involve.

Press release from 2002

Welsh crafted Lovespoons tempt lovers to Isle of Romance

Making the best use of his web site gave Wales Craft Council member Roy John Phillips of Aberarth Crafts the opportunity to help put the romance back into Anglesey as part of a massive campaign for the Island.

The Ceredigion based company was commissioned to supply beautiful hand made love spoons to be given to visitors as part of the tourism drive spearheaded by the Welsh patron saint of lovers, Santes Dwynwen.

Last year, businesses on the island were badly affected by during the foot and mouth crisis. So, as soon as Anglesey was declared open, owners of Anglesey's hotels, restaurants and attractions got together to plan a novel marketing initiative based on the theme of romance. Starting with Santes Dwynwen's Day (25 January), the period included several romantic celebrations such as Valentine's Day, National Flirting Week (11-15 February), Mothering Sunday (10 March), as well as Easter weekend.

The Island has traditionally been a romantic honeymoon destination, as well as home to many a holiday romance. Just how much of this can be attributed to the island's association with Santes Dwynwen is unknown but she devoted her life there to fulfilling the wishes of lovers!

Lucie Graham of FBA Associates, the PR Company for the campaign said, "Any Welsh man will agree that the giving of a love spoon is the ideal way to show you care and to win hearts. Obviously, a campaign highlighting the romance of Wales would not have been complete without them. I decided to use the Internet as my source for the spoons and because the Aberarth Craft site was connected to the correct search engines the details came up straight away. We made contact and Roy began making the spoons immediately.

We are delighted with his work and love the fact that the spoons are unique to Wales and are handcrafted. In fact, we liked them so much the whole office have bought them for their loved ones".
Roy said, "It was a pleasure to be able to make the spoons for such a lovely project and to promote the romance of Anglesey. The web site has been up and running for three years and is working brilliantly. Since going on-line I have seen an immediate increase in business, of which at least 50% can be attributed to the site".
Roy has since received another large order for love spoons via the site from the WDA office in Cardiff. The spoons will be given to overseas visitors to Wales.

Philomena Hearn, Chairwoman of Wales Craft Council, said, "Aberarth Crafts is a brilliant example of how technology can be used to compliment and increase even the most traditional of craft businesses. It also shows that it is no use just setting up a site and waiting for business to roll in. The site must be connected to the correct search engines to work efficiently".

10,000 copies of a Passport to Romance brochure will feature a novel range of romantic special offers including a limited number of the special love spoons for visitors to the island. Meanwhile a special website www.angleseyromance.com is underway featuring special free bilingual (Welsh English) E-Dwynewn/Valentine cards and encouraging people to flirt, giving flirting tips and ideas.

For further information on Love spoons and other traditional Crefft Cymru / Welsh Crafts contact Wales Craft Council on 01938 555 313 or via www.walescraftcouncil.co.uk

Roy John Phillips at Aberarth Crafts is contactable on 01545 570 193 by email at aberarthcrafts@globalnet.co.uk or via the website at www.lovespoons.biz

Note to Editors: The Campaign for Anglesey is Ynys Môn Amour … Anglesey Island of Romance
*Ynys Môn (pronounced 'Eenees Mon') is the Welsh name for Anglesey
© 2002 Crefftau Aberarth Crafts

Eleanor on St. Davids Day
Apprentice #1 Grandaughter Eleanor on St. Davids Day
Aberarth Main Road in 1914
Aberarth Main Road in 1914
Looking south towards Aberaeron

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