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  •    I'm Dave Matthews, a UK based IT consultant.
  •    I am a Fellow of the Institution of Analyst & Programmers (FIAP) and a member of the Professional Contractors Group.
       and the Federation of Small Businesses. Please visit their sites.
  •    AFC Systems is the company I formed in 1995.
  •    I specialize in all aspects of IBM OS/390 (MVS) systems design, development and implementation.
  •    I have over 20 years experience, the last 16 years almost exclusively with financial back-office systems.
  •    Major clients/employers have included large insurance companies,Legal & General and Commercial Union,
       And, in the banking sector, Westpac, National Australia Bank, Citibank and Bank of America.
  •    I have undertaken developments using a range of software, principally COBOL(/370, /400 & MicroFocus), CICS, VSAM, IMS & DB2.
  •    I am currently acquiring Linux and Java skills.

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Professional Contractors Group Federation of Small Businesses Institution of Analyts and Programmers
   Member Member of Federation of Small Businesses Fellow   

IT contractor in banking systems using COBOL CICS DL/1 IMS DB2 REXX TSO/ISPF. Over 20 years experience. AS/400. Visual Basic. Webmaster HTML. cobol, cics, cics/400, freelance contractor, mainframe, MVS, OS/390, dl/1, banking, MicroFocus, Y2K, TSO/E, ISPF, REXX, AS/400, HTML, DB2, DL/1, IMS, VSAM, APS, FileAid, 20 years experience, banking, financial, general ledger, accounting, nostro recs, SWIFT, Merva, payroll, BACS, Visual Basic, Linux, Java, Javascript, Consultant, IAP, Institution of Analysts and Programmers, FIAP, BSc., Croydon, London, Systems Design, Systems Engineer, Systems Analyst, Technical Programmer, Jokes, Quiz, No Pornography, Westpac, Citibank, Bank of America, FBSC, Formula 1

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