Citibank Contract - April 1996 - February 1998 (23 months)

Job title: Senior Analyst/Programmer

After an initial contract of 6 months my contract was renewed until the
end of February 1998 when all phases of the project were completed.   

This project comprised of a team leading role, with a team of two other programmers, analysing
designing and programming data extraction/formatting/transfer interfaces from mainframe CICS
accounting application to a Windows NT based accounting system.

The system was developed utilised COBOL II running under CICS/ESA. Programs running as asynchronous
CICS tasks used LU6.2 to connect with the NT server. Batch elements of the system utilized 
TCP/IP to transfer and receive data.

Testing was undertaken using Intertest in both CICS and batch. Change control procedures were based
upon Librarian LIB/CCF.

In addition to development work, as the system was phased in across a number of separate branch CICS
and batch environments, I also undertook support of the production systems. 

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