Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure

Sun 17/10/99, BBC1

Michael Palin

Unlike his previous travel series, Michael Palin in this new project makes many seperate journeys following the paths trodden by his boyhood hero, Ernest Hemingway. Nevertheless Palin's lively comedy and talent for putting himself in dangerous surroundings still gives this travelogue a sense of urgency and adventure. Beginning with the bull run in Pamplona and the bull fights and festivals of Valencia, Palin showed us the passion and vibrant colour of the true Spain, and while he didn't wholeheartedly agree with the crowds that the bullfight is a good thing, he was captivated by the spectacle. In contrast he also travelled to the plains of Kenya. There the wildlife is sadly depleted, in part because of Hemingway and others' love of hunting. As well as seeing animals such as cheetah, buffalo and elephant, he also mixed with the Masai people during a rite of passage where a young boy is being circumcised. As ever Palin's knack of befriending the people he meets, his comic touches and the wonderful camera-work capturing the exact atmosphere of each setting, make this programme a joy to watch. *****

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