Molly's Zoo

Wed 29/9/99, BBC2
Audience: not reported (less than 6.17m) BARB

Molly's Zoo

This delightful little series which ended tonight has been more rewarding than most docusoaps because it wasn't sentimental but showed the real bond between humans and our nearest relatives, the primates. Molly and the keepers at Twycross Zoo dedicate their lives to watching over the animals in their care, not just for profit, nor just to help an endangered species but simply because they love them. The zoo started when pet-shop owner Molly's hobby of keeping apes grew out of control. Now a thriving business, the keepers ensure that the primates are healthy and happy, inventing new play areas and games to keep their easily-bored charges interested. This final programme included film of two births where despite fears that the mothers might reject their babies through lack of experience, the support of the humans lead both to accept and care for the offspring themselves. We also saw how high-spirits can prove costly - one chimp discovered that kicking his glass partition smashed it while another liked pulling shiny tiles off the walls so she could admire herself in them. The first problem was solved with more reinforced glass, the second by the gift of a CD to use as a mirror. The BBC are already planning a Christmas special... ****

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