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Christopher Day - Veterinary Surgeon

Veterinary Chiropractic

Veterinary chiropractic manipulation uses the same principles as chiropractic manipulation for humans, namely the use of gentle, low amplitude, high velocity hand movements to stimulate the body to rectify spinal and other skeletal misalignments.

Back pain and other back problems are common in horses, dogs and cats. Much of our daily work involves some intervention for spinal misalignment or the treatment of back pain in the various species.

Conditions which we are frequently called upon to treat are: lameness, back pain, back problems, spinal misalignment, pelvic misalignment, spondylosis, saddling problems, disc disease (IVD, IVDD), prolapsed disc (disc prolapse, intervertebral disc prolapse, PID, PIDD), neck pain, neck problems, facial misalignment, temporomandibular junction problems, hip dysplasia, spondylitis, lumbosacral disease and thoracolumbar disc disease. In all of these conditions, the gentle input of chiropractic manipulation is extremely valuable and clearly much appreciated by the patients.

In horses, we also study back problems in relation to saddling and saddle fitting, since the fit of the saddle is so important to the ridden horse.

We also conduct a VIDEO CONSULTATION SERVICE for those for whom it is impractical to travel to our clinic or to have us travel to the premises: but manipulation is clearly not available via this medium.

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