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AXELAY : The Bosses - Part 1

By Konami Snes/Super Famicom 1992


'Cumuluses' - Stage Boss 'Arachnatron'

A fight through the cloud-strewn upper atmosphere with floating
rock fortresses littered with nasty gun turrets and plenty of hostile alien space-craft intent on sending you spiralling earthwards, preferably in little pieces..

This spacecraft sub-boss pokes
up through the clouds half-way
through the level .. not too
hard to defeat though

    This spider mech boss is one of
the most impressive in the game,
with some great animation and
detail. Offensive weaponry:
Homing missiles, a nasty 'web'
weapon that slows you down and
lots of baby spider mechs which
it launches at you.


'The Arachnatron - engineered to intimidate the enemy so much that they freeze up from fear'


'Tralieb Colony' - Stage Boss 'T-36 Towbar'
High above your home-planet the Axelay enters an enormous enemy space-platform in a graphically stunning stage littered with dangerous obstacles including collapsing gantries and scarily narrow passage ways.. all in a days work for an experienced pilot like yourself of course.

Wonderful attention to detail
here.. gaps in the space-station
walls give way to a vista of your
home planet below.


The walker droid end-of-stage boss features more fab animation and a few fire-power related tricks up its sleeve. Take out that gatling gun (watch those shells dropping away!) first then get to work on it's weak 'head' area with a few explosion bombs.. while avoiding this
frightening laser blast.


'T-36 Towbar - designed for maximium
destructive power, the T-36 Towbar has a
forward-mounted two-megaton cannon and
laser that disintigrates anything upon contact'


'Urbanite' - Stage Boss 'Regenertoid'
Here's where things start to hot up.. A barren rocky landscape gives way to a city of light spread out below you, complete with what looks like the Eiffel Tower in the distance. The air-space above Paris was never this hectic though..

    HELP! This huge ship is the stage
boss and one hard cookie.. It starts off as a small version pelting you with bullets before morphing into
this monstrosity. Precious little room to manoeuvre, missiles and laser beams raining down on you.. HARD HARD HARD!


'Regenertoid - an ominous machine that grows
when attacked. It has never been defeated...'

Trying to get a snapshot of this
forked sub-boss proved difficult
due to its eagerness to squash
my ship against the side of the
screen.. like this!
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