Question - Racing shooter?? How does that work then?? I don't get it..
Answer - Taking control of one of eight contestants blast your way through from the Start to Finish Line of each course, attempting to bash your opponents into obstacles and dangers. There is no actual 'throttle' control button, but you can increase your 'speedo' (see bottom left of game screen) and accelerate by pushing up on the joystick and moving as far upscreen as possible. Decreasing speed can be achieved by doing the opposite action. A 'turbo-boost' option is also available by holding down the fire button for a few seconds - unfortunately this leaves you unable to fire at enemy attackers (although you can still use one of your limited supply of 'smart-bombs'). Prior to the 'Winning Post' a monster boss makes an appearance which you must defeat to pass.. Obviously you must try to knock it out ASAP in order to keep up with the other racers in the game... Winning a race is a finely tuned balancing act between holding off enemy attacks in order to increase speed and the need to kill the more dangerous baddies and bosses as soon as possible, and the competitive edge against the CPU racers (a league points system is used across all the races in the game) makes for a very compulsive and unique experience. There's nothing like winning the final 'Kingdom Grand Prix' stage to take the league by just pipping your closest rival at the finish-line with your last remaining smart-bomb after a particularly hairy blast and boss fight during the final lap of the game. Definitely one of most underrated but ultimately exciting and in the long-term satisfying Saturn shooters.. so don't let the racing 'theme' put you off!!

(ABOVE) Course No.1 'Basalna City'.. and they are off! Only to be held up by an
enormous boss at the final hurdle.. sheesh!! Someone should call a Steward's Enquiry..

(ABOVE) One of the second stage courses - 'Air Circus'. Dunno why it's called that,
can't see any clowns or a Big Top.. just lots of wood and water, plus the odd boss..

(ABOVE) The 'Crossfire' course of the third stage of the game.. Dark and brooding battleships
above a crimson sky hamper your progress. Very atmospheric this bit. And the boss at the
end is a right old git.. Stray beneath that enormous.. er.. slightly phallic cannon at your peril..

(ABOVE) On the left you can see the Dracula boss of the 'Outcast Castle' stage. This bloke
is a hoot, every few seconds while you are fighting him he stops to chomp on a young maiden
that his butler wheels along the bottom of the screen to him! (Right) This green-blob boss
returns from
Mahou Daisakusen!

(ABOVE) Some of the nastiest yet most impressive bosses are situated towards the end of the
game (left) An enormous and beautifully detailed floating gunship from the 'Strato Storm' level and
(right) this fantastic killer 'medieval' S.D.I. boss! Inspired perhaps by a similar boss in

Here's the end of a level.. I actually came 6th here, I think I need a bit more practice..
After each stage you get a choice between two different courses to tackle next. Although a
player only needs to complete 5 courses before competing for the ultimate prize in a choice
of three final races.. 'Kobold's Tower', 'Yashika of Ninja' and the 'Kingdom Grand Prix' itself,
there are therefore a lot more distinct actual courses, altogether 12 in total I believe..

Right.. seeing as I'm doing Kingdom Grandprix I'm also going to pop a few screenshots
and details of the other two games in the series online - click on the two links below to
access 'em.. I love Raizing games me.. ;)

Mahou Daisakusen Great Mahou Daisakusen