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Wolf 359 - The Legacy


I managed to find a seat on the end of the 4th row, so I counted myself very lucky! We were shown the first blooper reel, two Queen videos and some other stuff I can't recall to fill in the time until 10. Then they announced him and there he was, entering stage right! My first thought was 'Yes! Exactly what I'd expected!' His hair was quite full at the front, so much so that he had what was almost a kiss-curl hanging down slightly on the left of his fore-head. He was wearing an 'Endgame' leather HL jacket from the film (more on that later!), blue jeans of some vintage, v neck black jumper/t-shirt, brown lace-up boots and a wristwatch with an expanding metal strap. Socks too, I guess, but the boots hid those!

So, what did you do on your holidays?

This wire above my head looks kinda like a Quickening...

You never!!

I wanna tell you a story.....

He lapsed briefly into an Italian accent when he described how his Mum likes to 'embarrass' him in front of friends when he takes them home Something to the effect; "When he was a little boy, he......." He was asked to share something we didn't know already. Well, if you've got the baby book, you do know! He revealed he was scared by lightning when he was a child and retold the story of his aunt's dress. [So that's where the urge to scribble comes from!]

He revealed he has to wear 2 wigs for the new film and described how wigs (and beards!) are made to fit. Sounds painful! I won't bore you with the details. When asked if he likes antiques in real life, he said he had a few, but his personal taste is quite eclectic. A bit of everything; the pieces he buys mean something to him. On ' Modern Prometheus' - he was asked if he prepared when about to direct the episode. Yes, he did and even got the actor to use some of Byron's own words as well as putting in some of the poetry. He spent quite a while talking about the slight hiccups when filming that episode!

"What is your favourite time period in HL?"
All of them are interesting; but we can tend to have a romanticised view of past. He likes the beginning of Duncan. He liked doing the Culloden stuff [wish they'd stuck to historical accuracy, then!]. He reckons he'd miss modern conveniences like [I quote!] 'running waters' [how many does he need?].

"How do you look so young?"
[Throwaway, back to audience] Well, I am Immortal!

"Would he consider holding a martial arts seminar?"
Doesn't consider himself experienced enough yet. 'I wouldn't have a full bag.' His particular discipline has been around 2,000 years. He has learned that the human body only moves in certain ways. 'Maybe in 10 to 15 years.' [I'll book tickets now, please!]

A question about 'War of the Worlds'
[Sits on stool provided for him at last!] It was story driven, not character driven. For some reason I can't remember he sang a snatch of 'Over There!' at this point. [It didn't sound half bad - has he been taking lessons?]

Maroussia got up and greeted him in French.
He responded likewise [Good accent, but perhaps feeling for one or two words a bit - better than I could currently do!]. I checked my understanding with Maroussia later and he basically said how much he enjoyed meeting and talking to French people. He went back to acting class this year, as well as writing the mysterious screen-play we've heard about. He'd like to do more theatre - 'it stretches your acting muscles'. If given a choice, it'd be comedy [Ooooh, yes please - Benedict in 'Much Ado...']. He did some work on a play called 'The Rose Tattoo' this year which was funny but emotionally deep. He believes in fate - 'What comes to you is going to come to you' [Yes, though sometimes it can be hard to bear].

"Your voice is very relaxing..."
[Chanting!] 'OM......' [Asked about more Adrian tapes and he said they will come out - one day!]

His favourite colour?
Wearing a lot of cream currently. [Well, unless it was underwear or socks, no he wasn't!] Used to wear red in the past. 'Colour affects how you do things' [Yes.] 'If you're agitated don't wear red.' [Ooops! I was wearing a long, comfortable red dress!]

"Have you traced your family tree?"
Members of family have, but nothing interesting. "No car thieves?" [Laughing] 'Oh, probably!'

"How do you succeed in the business?"
'Talent's not enough.' Lot of hard work; sometimes luck; perseverance; you get doors slammed in your face. 'Don't stop trying to acheive your goals and your dreams.' Speaking of himself, he said he'd startd out wanting to be a football (soccer) player and nearly made it, then went into dance, then allowed his dreams to change. 'You have to ask yourself whether you are happy and your soul is growing'. [Oh, yes; but a little more money and more opportunities to sing would be nice!]

"Can you recommend a good Italian place in London (apart from your Mum's house!!)"
Not any more - try the concierge of the hotel.

"Would you like to come to Australia?"
'Yes, but I'd need to set aside a month!'

"If you had known how much HL was going to change your life, would you still have done it?"
'Yes, I'd have still done it; in fact I knew I was going to do it before it happened.' Something to the effect that he's learned more about history, the human spirit and 'what to do with the other half of my life - the PEACE fund.'

"What was your greatest prank on HL and did they EVER get you back?"
Recounts the bear trick on Stan, the cat trick on Alexandra and Stan's failed attempt when he dressed in drag! At which point he did a remakably good 'take' on Stan's reaction, complete with body language and accent!

"Do you meditate?"
'Yes, and it helps. Meditation is like prayer.' [Yes. I do both].

"Would you speak French for us?"
[With an encouragement to be romantic!] 'Maybe later on!'

"What is your favourite HL episode?"
The Blitz [WHY?!!?]; Homeland [Well, yes.]; The Four Horsemen episodes [Absolutely.]; Brothers in Arms; The Darkness; Samurai. [I think we left out at least one season here!]

"What do you miss about Britain?"
My family. People are different here. He has a very English sense of humour. [With bells on!] His friends.

A question about the Scottish accent and rolling his 'r's.
Being Italian that was no problem! 'Maybe I had an ear for it.' [Well, the ear comes and goes, dear; I'm sorry to say!] when told not to do an accent for Duncan (because the Americans wouldn't understand it), his reaction was 'But the guy's SCOTTISH!' He added 'I believed in who he was.' [So did I, my friend.]

"Do you believe in fate?"
'We have choices.' Something about the Big Bang theory and how that seems to indicate that everything is set in 'concrete' - but Adrian says he thinks we have some control. 'Things happen to you, but you have a choice as to how you deal with it.'

A question about Roger Daltrey.
[Sits down again, at first in a rather ungainly position!] Comments on how normal Roger is, and adds 'Attitude cuts you off from everyone else.'

Something about the beheading of Richie.
Adrian described 'a group of ladies in the States' [there are some in Britain too!] called Clan Denial [you've been noticed!!] who say Richie didn't die. [I'm sorry, ladies, because he added;-] 'Get over it, he did!' [Take it up with him; I'm only the messenger and I'm ducking at this point.....]. 'I like Stan; but for the series it gave an impact.' At this point there was some comment about the other door in the room across the stage. A wag from the audience declared 'It's a cupboard!!' Adrian checked and it was a hallway! Adrian then went on and said they'd decided one of the regular characters had to die and the writers just chose Richie. 'Duncan did blame himself.' [Well he would.] Jim Byrnes told him that in a lot of cultures cutting the hair symbolises death.

Something about the rigors of being 'in bed' with so many women!
[Amusement] 'Oh, no; not again!!' [Big pause, drinks some water.] 'Love scenes are tough.' He feels the love scene has to fit into the context - 'it's like a sword fight.' [Laughter from audience!] Adrian realised what he'd said and explained that the love scene has to have the same emotion, just like a sword fight. It can be tender, needy, animalistic - but it must reflect what's going on between the characters at that point. He enjoyed the love scene at the start of 'To Be' because the passion was all implied. He finds it difficult when he's just met the actress. 'There is this nice semi-naked lady sitting on me...." Looks up, puts hand out 'Hi, I'm Adrian....!' [We got the point!]

Asked about being the next Bond
'Paul.....Adrian Paul!' Apparently he was among the last 4 in the queue when Pierce got the job. [And is doing a damn fine one at that!] Techies on Bnd have told him he would be a good Bond [I think he'd have to clean out some of the London twang he still has - I believe Bond is meant to be ex public school!]. Adrian would put in more 'edge', more danger in the character. [Actually, Pierce does that too; but differently from his forebears].

Asked about the audition for HL.
[I really think you've heard all this before!]

"What life lessons have you learnt from HL?"
'As you grow as an actor it makes you grow as a person. Life is not immortal, so do 'it' now.'

Someone brought on the result of the England - Scotland football (soccer) match that Adrian had been rather keen on knowing about [Holding up card with England 2 Scotland 0 on it, obviously pleased!]
'Well as Duncan MacLeod I'd have to say [Pacing to and fro, Scottish accent! - something like:-] "That was terrible, we were robbed!"; but as Adrian Paul [big grin, lots of fist work!] "Yes, Yes, YES! YES!" [Just like my 11 year old son!!!]

Another question about WOTW and the brother episode.
Adrian liked this one because it was character driven and he knew all too well about the brother stuff!


It's a 'large film'; to quote Adrian. Bucharest is often described as the little Paris and it has that charm, but there's a lot of poverty and all the fine buildings look run down. On one occasion, they wanted rain on the windows, but the set wasn't sealed and it got ever so slightly damp causing the loss of a day's shooting. Another time, the wrong size sheets were supplied for a bed. There are 5 - 6 major fights in the movie and Adrian gets to use more than a sword. No, he didn't say what and no-one asked him, so you'll have to wait! The film is set (at least!) in 1525, 1535, 1750 (and presumably Duncan's present!). He made a point of trying to modify Duncan's accent for the different periods. He also revealed that he'd just had 2 days in bed doing a love scene [wiping brow!] and quipped "That's why I look so young today!" The film has 'chemistry' happening. Everyone seems excited by it.

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