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Music is very important to me. There are several artist's that I like very much. Here's some more info on the music I like most and the artists I listen to.

A quick note about the Real Audio files on this site. I have provided only a small sample as a little taster of what you can expect from some of these artists. Please DO NOT copy and sell on, or distribute these files in any shape or form. I highly respect these artists and their copyright on the material. I have BOUGHT and OWN all the albums from which these samples are taken. If you want the whole song, do the right thing and go and buy it! Piracy is wrong, especially when the artists are not given the recognition they deserve. Please respect this view. I am just trying to share a little of my passion for them.

For a long time now I have been a big follower of Electronic style music. This has more progressed into Trance and Dance. Trance is my preferred style though. This transformation in taste started when I first heard a song by BrainBug. It was called Nightmare, and it just rocked! It was awesome! Around the same time BT had released Flaming June, but unfortunately I never managed to get the single. After a long time seeing the album, I bought ESCM, and that was me hooked on BT!. Since meeting Phil my CD collection has grown enormously and I have collected many other artists CD's, including Jean Michel Jarre, Eat Static, William Orbit and Banco de Gaia. Here is some more information about some of my favourite Artists / DJ's.

Artist / DJ What about them?
Eat Static

I first about Eat Static (ES) after I bought the game Conquest Earth for the PC. "Who the hell are Eat Static?", I thought when I read their name on the box! Well, it turned out that ES had given some of their music to be used in the game. I liked what I heard and what followed was a mad rush around Lancaster to try and find at least some of their sounds! I initially found the newest album 'Science of the Gods', bought it on the spot and took it back to my room. With trepidation I put it on and listened. At first I was a little disappointed by it. I was expecting more of the synthesised music of the game with the swirling sounds and softer feeling. ES had gone towards Drum and Bass. Well, a little down hearted I listened to it more, and more and more... On to the next album! I found ( OK so I ordered it! ) 'Implant' next. Listened to that too. Liked it, and set about on a quest to find the first album, 'Abduction'. After several months I found it! And well, I played if VERY load! And even now it is still my favourite of the albums.

After finding all the albums, I also managed to collect several of the singles too. Most are from the 'Science of the Gods' album, mainly because there is one song that I just love. That song is 'Contact...'! And it rocks! It rocks so much that I have placed a sample of it in Real Audio format here on my site! If you want to hear more... Get the album! Eat Static are one of my most treasured groups. Even thought their musical style has changed, I am a massive fan! Hopefully I'll be able to see them live soon, apparently their shows are simply amazing! Until that day, I will just keep buying the albums and playing them load! Rock On!

Jean Michel Jarre

I was first introduced to Jean Michel Jarre by my good friend Phil. He had compiled a tape of various music he thought that I might like. Well I took it home played it, then on one of our long phone calls told him that I liked it. He offered another cassette, and so next time I saw him which was in Hull a few months later, he gave it to me. A whole cassette of Jarre! And it got played almost to destruction! That was the start of my biggest CD buying binge! I tracked down and bought 7 of his albums over the next month. My obsession became even worse, I HAD to get more of his albums! In the end I bought the remaining few I didn't have in Canada! And saved a whole tonne of cash on them too!

One album, 'Chronologie' took me ages to track down! This is very definitely my favourite of his albums. The whole way the songs move with the changes is rhythm and the blend of the instruments is just amazing. Another favourite is 'Waiting for Cousteau' which features the 'Calypso' trilogy. Think steel drums, style and passion and that is what they are like! My favourite song of his has to be 'Rendezvous 98'. Why? Well, it is an excellent remix of 'Rendezvous Part 4' and was used as the title music for the ITV presentation of the World Cup 1998! When I first heard the music I thought to myself - "I have to have that!" So again, I found it and bought it! Here's Rendezvous 98 for a taster of what Jarre's music is like! Here are a few more of Jarre's songs: London Kid, Magnetic Fields - Part 4, Orient Express.

William Orbit

Yet another artist introduced to me by Phil! Wasn't he so good to me?! No really he is / was! Well anyway, William Orbit is the man responsible for Madonna's album 'Ray of Light'. He helped mix it! Once again, I first heard this guy on the cassette Phil gave me, the song was called 'Water From a Vine Leaf' and I really liked the mellow relaxed sounds. So naturally I had to go and investigate more. On the second cassette that Phil did for me, he included another song of Orbits' 'Riding to Rio' and that pretty much did it for me! I went out and bought the album 'Hinterland' soon followed by 'Strange Cargo 3' and then 'Strange Cargo 1' his first album. I am STILL waiting for the second part to drop in price... I mean I don't mind paying for albums, but £18 is far too much for a 40 minute album! Some day I will have it though, oh yes it will be mine! For now though here is a song from the fourth album 'Hinterland', it's called 'The Name Of The Wave'.

Art Of Trance

The Art of Trance are a large part of Platipus Records. They are a major force in the Trance scene and again was an introduction of Phil's. They have had many single releases over the years, but sadly only one album. 'Wildlife On One' contains various remixes of some of the best single releases. 'Blue Owl' is my favourite track out of those. They have had tracks featured on the 'Platipus Records' albums. Recently their biggest hit has been a song called 'Madagasga'. This has been an amazing club success, and is my most favourite of their songs. There is a sample that can be heard, so sit back and relax to the sounds of Art of Trance and Madagasga the Cygnus X remix!


BT, or Brian Transeau as the artist is known, first came to my attention when the rather excellent 'Flaming June' appeared in the rather crasse 'Pop' chart on the radio. Well it was played loads and loads, I loved it after one listening, but couldn't find the single! It took me almost a year to pluck up the courage to go out and buy the album. Since then I have never looked back, and absolutely love his music! I even bought the limited edition duel CD import of Ima! Mainly for the few extra songs on the CD's but also so that it could complete the set! There have been many, many singles released by him, the most recent 'Godspeed' has done wonders in the clubs! It is a truly excellent song! Infact, it is so good, that everyone should listen to it! So for your listening pleasure - BT's Godspeed!


BrainBug appeared a while ago in the charts with a song called 'Nightmare'. This was a very moody, dark and scary melody. I bought the single and eagerly waited for the album to be released. Sadly that has not happened, and I am left feeling rather deprived! Another single was released 'Benedictus' but I completely missed that one! It was a good single.. it's just a shame there was no album!! Here's 'Nightmare' for your listening pleasure.

Dario G

The first song released by Dario G was 'Sunchyme' available long before the album surfaced! This featured a very weird video of people dressed up as animals! Ours is not to reason why! This song paved the way for several more; notably 'Carnaval de Paris' and 'Sunmachine'. Both pretty good, still the best has yet to come! 'Revolution' is still waiting in the wings for a release! That song is really, really good! When the album was available to buy, I bought it! Then drove Martyn mad by constantly playing it over, and over and over again! Still it IS a good album. Go look out for Dario G - Sunmachine. One listen, forever smitten!

The Corrs

It was only recently that I started to listen to The Corrs. To be honest I can not remember when I first heard them! Probably a while ago considering that they have been together for a while now. Anyway, to cut a long story short I ended up buying the album 'Forgiven Not Forgotten' a few months back now and well, for the first few weeks it never left the CD player! The album is a mixture of instrumentals and vocal songs that are really quite relaxing. It's one of those feel good albums. I find that it's always nice to sit back, with a nice drink and just listen!

Robert Miles

One of the big Dance, and more recently Trance artists. Robert Miles is the guy responsible for the never ending hits 'Children' and 'One and One'. 'Children' in particular is still going around the clubs now in one form or another. Recently it has reappeared on many 'classic' club anthems sound track CD's. His first album 'Dreamland' was a big hit and spawned a second album '23am'. 23am features many excellent tracks, my favourite being 'Full Moon', a fairly varied yet upbeat song. 23am is another one of those albums with the 'Just one more listen' appeal that a good dance / trance artist has.


Chicane have continually been one of the big Ibiza anthem creators. The first hit was 'Offshore'. This was originally just an instrumental track, but various DJ's starting mixing it over with lyrics from another song. In the end the demand for the mixed version resulted in Chicane mixing it themselves, and thus 'Offshore 97' came our way. This was truly one of the original massive club hits. For full appreciation you must listen to the uncut extended version as seen on the album 'Far from the Maddening Crowd'. This is an excellent piece of music that, even now is still enjoyable to listen too. Infact the album is fantastic! There have been other hits from it including Sunstroke which was released on single a few years back. Perhaps my most favourite song is the 'The Drive Home'. This is an example of a fast paced, rhythm track with plenty of instrumentals. It's truly a good song to finish an album with and is pretty good at relaxing you.

Banco de Gaia

Yet another artist introduced to me by Phil! That man has a lot to answer for! Banco de Gaia was on the same label as Eat Static - The PlanetDog Label. I first heard of him from the cassette Phil had made for me. The track he had was 'Last Train to Lhasa' a very nice electronic piece from the second album of the same name. Naturally further investigation was called for, and during a spending spree in the Virgin Megastore in Hull under the watchful eye of said Oldman I bought the double CD. Well that kinda of did it for me, and I then found the next album I could. This was the first album 'Maya'. This one I liked a lot. One of the songs was on the second tape from Phil, and I had already decided that was a good tune. That song was 'Lai lah [v1.00]' - a very nice moving song that really appealed to me when I heard it. I am surprised that the cassette survived what with all my fast forwarding and reversing so that I could listen to it!

While I was away in Canada I found the latest album (at that time) called 'Big Men Cry'. This was cause for much celebration on my part because I had not seen it in the UK at all! So naturally I had to have it! Veronika was played some for her listening pleasure, though I don't believe she liked it as much as me! (There's no accounting for taste! Vee likes too much rock!) The album was a fantastic mix of eastern mysticism and western beat. A very nice 'swirly' album. This type of music really appeals to me, I couldn't tell you why though - So don't ask! Suffice to say that Banco de Gaia is one of my favourite artists, now I believe there's a new album out now, where's my wallet?!....


'Yeah yeah he's drop dead gorgeous!' What can be said about Republica?! Although lyrically challenged (there aren't many!) their songs are catchy and really rock. The first album, I believe it's called, 'R' was a very nice blend of soft and easy listening and more manic party type music. Favourite songs from it are 'Drop Dead Gorgeous', 'Ready To Go' and the rather excellent, though slightly panned 'Get Off'. Then the equally good 'Out Of The Darkness' deserves at least a mention too! Yep definitely a good CD, one that didn't leave my CD player while I was on holiday in the USA. The follow up album 'Speed Ballads' was to me a little bit of a disappointment. It didn't seem to convey the same emotions as the first. I guess this is a sign of maturity of the band. The comical side of the music seemed to get lost a little. Still after a few listens it began to grow on me. The future's bright, the future's Red!

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