December 1998

Gay and Catholic:
An Abomination ?

If I knew anything about myself as a child, I always knew this one thing. One overriding fact about me. From the age of seven, one fact was foremost in my mind and carried me through school and almost defined my career and the rest of my life. This one thing gives me comfort and strength but also makes me angry and frustrated. Of course I am talking about my Faith as a Roman Catholic.

These days it seems fashionable to be gay. In recent weeks, many prominent political figures have made known their gayness in a climate where being gay is supposed to be trendy. We are told that gay people exist in all walks of life and hold down all kinds of jobs. We are led to believe that they are not all agnostics and that some are even Catholics. Well yes, this is true. I am one of those. I am proud to be a Gay Catholic.

Now at thirty-two years old, my faith still plays an important part in my life. I didn't become a priest: I either wasn't being called or God had decided to alter his plans for me. I hold a job of which my Mother would be proud and live a life within which I am content. I do not forget that I am one of God's children and try hard to live a good life. One may think that it is incongruous to say that a gay man can live a "good" life. Well, I do not live a lifestyle that breaks any of the ten commandments, additionally, I try not to judge others as only God knows the rules by which we shall all be judged on the Last Day.

Many people quote sections of the Bible to me out of context, in order to support an argument. I can find sections of the Bible with which to endorse slavery, sexism or racism. Out of context quotations have also been used by those eager to prove, in their opinion, why being gay is against God. I am certain that God made me. I find it hard therefore, to believe that He made a mistake in his creation of me and other gay and lesbian people. So to those who decry my life, I remind them that I am not harming anyone and, for the most part, they do not know enough about me to dismiss my entire existence. I have faced times of great sadness and God has given me strength. I have encountered doubts and been helped through by his grace. Nevertheless, it is not for me to say that being gay is not against God, but if God is capable of guiding the hand of one such "abomination" as mine, maybe at this time of peace and goodwill to all, we too could show a little less hostility to one of the least of God's children.

Ultimately, it is my faith that guides me. I take consolation in the words of Jesus in John's Gospel: "There are many rooms in my Father's house...." I believe that God has already prepared a place for me.

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