Hebden Bridge Sculpture Trail is housed in Hardcastle Crags. The Crags are well signposted and lie off the A6033 which is the main road between Hebden Bridge and Keighley. The Trail is open all day every day between 26th June and 1st August.

There is also a manned information point at Gibson Mill which is one mile along the main track from the car park. This information point will open between 10am and 5pm throughout the duration of the trail.

Car parking is available at the entrance to the Crags (small charge) or along the top road which goes from Hebden towards Heptonstall, Slack and onwards along the Widdop road towards Colne. From this top car park a steep but firm bridleway leads down the valley side directly to Gibson mill.
For more information about Hebden Bridge Arts Festival and the region in general access the Hebden Bridge Web

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