T H E   T Y P E   F A N T A S T I C
The Home Computing Weekly magazine type-ins list - Spectrum
ZX User

15.Mar'83 (p.7)Jackpot

22.Mar'83 (p.37)Right Turn / Word Processor

29.Mar'83 (p.13)Calculation of Performance Marks
29.Mar'83 (p.35)Interesting Program

5.Apr'83 (p.38)Zombies

12.Apr'83 (p.11)Sea Battle

19.Apr'83 (p.16)Collision

26.Apr'83 (p.19)Amazing Maze

3.May'83 (p.25)Four in a Row

10.May'83 (p.16)Caddie
10.May'83 (p.39)Make Your Spectrum Programs Sound Better

31.May'83 (p.15)Election Special

7.Jun'83 (p.27)Coefficient of Rank Correlation
7.Jun'83 (p.28)Pearson's Coefficient

12.Jul'83 (p.17)Save the Fleet

19.Jul'83 (p.17)Air Up!

26.Jul'83 (p.19)Keys
26.Jul'83 (p.36)Typing Tutor

2.Aug'83 (p.18)Character Designer
2.Aug'83 (p.20)Master Mind

9.Aug'83 (p.12)Armada

16.Aug'83 (p.19)Bagatelle
16.Aug'83 (p.29)Holiday Gazette

23.Aug'83 (p.38)Giant Spiders
23.Aug'83 (p.25)Superscore

30.Aug'83 (p.25)Computer Bingo
30.Aug'83 (p.12)Football Pools Forecaster
30.Aug'83 (p.12)Lucky Number Generator
30.Aug'83 (p.31)UDG Character Design Aid

6.Sep'83 (p.36)Battleships
6.Sep'83 (p.17)Odd One Out

13.Sep'83 (p.13)Ground Attack
13.Sep'83 (p.27)Magazine Index

20.Sep'83 (p.18)Connect-4
20.Sep'83 (p.11)Paratroop Catch

27.Sep'83 (p.35)Pontoon
27.Sep'83 (p.21)Trampoline

4.Oct'83 (p.19)Bomber

11.Oct'83 (p.19)Munchie and the Hoonos

18.Oct'83 (p.46)Prog File
18.Oct'83 (p.19)Sky-diver

25.Oct'83 (p.12)City Bomber

1.Nov'83 (p.10)Guy Fawkes

8.Nov'83 (p.18)Ski-Run

15.Nov'83 (p.32)Squares, Triangles, Circles
15.Nov'83 (p.44)Starcar

29.Nov'83 (p.23)Fast Cargo

6.Dec'83 (p.61)Minefield
6.Dec'83 (p.22)Renumber

13.Dec'83 (p.25)Ape Man
13.Dec'83 (p.25)Outlaws

20.Dec'83 (p.59)Santa's Dilemma
20.Dec'83 (p.10)Santa-Post

3.Jan'84 (p.13)Physics Invaders

10.Jan'84 (p.34)Address Book
10.Jan'84 (p.12)Towers of Hanoi
10.Jan'84 (p.17)Wordsquare

17.Jan'84 (p.13)Accounts

24.Jan'84 (p.23)Moonbase ZX

31.Jan'84 (p.10)Make Your Micro Read Your Mind

7.Feb'84 (p.40)Lander
7.Feb'84 (p.22)Valentine's Day Chase

14.Feb'84 (p.36)Carnival
14.Feb'84 (p.45)Reaction
14.Feb'84 (p.37)Siege

21.Feb'84 (p.s-46)Leaf Walk

28.Feb'84 (p.30)Climber, The

28.Feb'84, 8.May'84 (p.33,8)Reversal

6.Mar'84 (p.18)Animation
6.Mar'84 (p.24)Monaco GP

13.Mar'84 (p.24)Dragon Conversions
13.Mar'84 (p.30)Format Optimiser
13.Mar'84 (p.44)Grand Prix

20.Mar'84 (p.16)Day at the Races, A
20.Mar'84 (p.42)Heroes and Monsters

27.Mar'84 (p.30)IO Attack

3.Apr'84 (p.32)Bug Run
3.Apr'84 (p.28)Mind Your Head
3.Apr'84 (p.30)Space Mines

10.Apr'84 (p.22)Devil
10.Apr'84 (p.25)Froggs
10.Apr'84 (p.47)Input

17.Apr'84 (p.23)Accounts
17.Apr'84 (p.23)Converting BASIC (String Slicing)
17.Apr'84 (p.22)Super Darts

24.Apr'84 (p.24)Cubit
24.Apr'84 (p.27)Hazard Driver
24.Apr'84 (p.24)Mower

1.May'84 (p.8)Hall of Mirrors
1.May'84 (p.12)Patience
1.May'84 (p.12)Sorting Room, The

8.May'84 (p.12)Animate
8.May'84 (p.8)Millipede
8.May'84 (p.13)Polar Plotter
8.May'84 (p.13)Sound Patterns
8.May'84 (p.11)Space Invaders

15.May'84 (p.33)It's a Dog's Life
15.May'84 (p.32)Land Speed

22.May'84 (p.12)Beauty and the Beast
22.May'84 (p.21)Come From (April Fool)
22.May'84 (p.12)Olympic Runner

29.May'84 (p.10)Snakes and Ladders
29.May'84 (p.8)Splatter Bug

5.Jun'84 (p.10)Camel Race
5.Jun'84 (p.6)House, The
5.Jun'84 (p.14)VARS Dump

12.Jun'84 (p.20)Snake

19.Jun'84 (p.7)Draw
19.Jun'84 (p.8)Spaceship Retreat
19.Jun'84 (p.14)Tape File
19.Jun'84 (p.5)Top Ten

26.Jun'84 (p.28)Quadruple Sized Letters
26.Jun'84 (p.24)Wordsearch

3.Jul'84 (p.12)Clear/Scroll
3.Jul'84 (p.14)Hi-Lo
3.Jul'84 (p.10)Logic Game
3.Jul'84 (p.14)Quiz
3.Jul'84 (p.8)Scoreboard

10.Jul'84 (p.8)3D Maze

17.Jul'84 (p.8)Bowls
17.Jul'84 (p.6)Card High
17.Jul'84 (p.16)Graphic Creator
17.Jul'84 (p.10)Wool Shop, The

24.Jul'84 (p.8)One Day Cricket

31.Jul'84 (p.8)Astro Zone
31.Jul'84 (p.4)George the Vicar
31.Jul'84 (p.14)Kopykat

7.Aug'84 (p.24)Music Maker

14.Aug'84 (p.21)Cells
14.Aug'84 (p.18)Hunch
14.Aug'84 (p.16)Starfox

21.Aug'84 (p.16)Vic 20 to Spectrum Conversion

28.Aug'84 (p.18)Space Target

4.Sep'84 (p.29)Bats and the Bees, The

11.Sep'84 (p.19)Coily

18.Sep'84 (p.17)Towns and Cities

25.Sep'84 (p.10)Ex Libris

2.Oct'84 (p.12)Flea Fun

9.Oct'84 (p.24)Lost

23.Oct'84 (p.12)Devil's Island

30.Oct'84 (p.31)Craft Ahoy

6.Nov'84 (p.18)Character Generator

13.Nov'84 (p.32)Bridge Builder

20.Nov'84 (p.31)Jackpot

27.Nov'84 (p.28)Maths Talk

4.Dec'84 (p.31)Typist Required

11.Dec'84 (p.34)Mines
11.Dec'84 (p.38)Real Robin Hood, The

18.Dec'84 (p.38)Bootstrap Loader

18.Dec'84, 5.Feb'85 (p.27,42)Insect-Chase

8.Jan'85, 12.Feb'85 (p.16,28)Kennel Kapers

15.Jan'85 (p.38)Australian Towns & Cities

22.Jan'85 (p.35)Machine Code Sounds
22.Jan'85 (p.17)Dive! Dive!

29.Jan'85 (p.30)Space Battle

5.Feb'85 (p.9)Deduction

12.Feb'85 (p.18)Doom Church

19.Feb'85 (p.26)100 Editions of H.C.W.
19.Feb'85 (p.27)Birthdays

26.Feb'85 (p.25)Chop
26.Feb'85 (p.16)Graphic Character Transformation

12.Mar'85 (p.22)Pirate's Gold

19.Mar'85 (p.36)Musicmaker and Dragon Sound

23.Apr'85 (p.30)Block Delete
23.Apr'85 (p.28)Saint George

30.Apr'85 (p.24)Box, The

7.May'85 (p.31)Weight-Lifting

14.May'85 (p.18)Soccer Pair

21.May'85 (p.30)Zoo Break-Out

28.May'85 (p.22)TT Race

4.Jun'85 (p.29)Screenstore
4.Jun'85 (p.33)Terrible Dreaded Arg Game, The

11.Jun'85 (p.28)10 out of 10

18.Jun'85 (p.18)Reflex

25.Jun85 (p.29)Highlight

2.Jul'85 (p.22)Electro

16.Jul'85 (p.20)Flags of the World
16.Jul'85 (p.36)Switchboard

23.Jul'85 (p.32)Punter

30.Jul'85 (p.20)Beezy

6.Aug'85 (p.17)SP Quill

13.Aug'85 (p.30)Track Race

20.Aug'85 (p.14)Patience

27.Aug'85 (p.18)Radio Message

3.Sep'85 (p.28)Colour Blindness Test

10.Sep'85 (p.31)Sketchpad

17.Sep'85 (p.12)29 by 64 Text

24.Sep'85 (p.32)Binary-Chop

8.Oct'85 (p.23)Diced Pairs