Your Spectrum
Issue 10, December 1984
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Frontlines 8th Day text adventures (8th Day Software)
Cambridge Award winners
Firebird label launched (British Telecom)
Jasper (Micromega)
Ocean buys up Imagine's assets
Software Sales Service (Bug-Byte, CBS, Quicksilva, Virgin)
Stuart Henry's Pop Quiz MS donation (Bellflower)
Swords & Sorcery (PSS)
The Wrath of Magra / See-Ka of Assiah (Mastertronic)
QL News Concurrent QL Affairs
John Torofex and Nigel Cross investigate the QL news scene. High street sales, Simplex Data 256k RAM extension, QL enquiry analysis, QLUB News delays, Quarterly Newsletter of the Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence, Serial port problems.
Advice Hacking Away
Andrew Pennell peruses the POKEs. Write to him at Hacking Away ... Chuckie Egg.
Software Reviews Joystick Jury
What's on your shopping list for Christmas? Let Ross Holman, Dave Nicholls and Roger Willis help you make your mind up! Beach-Head, Beatcha, Braxx Bluff, Combat Lynx, Dragonfire, Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Delta Wing, Enduro, Eye of Bain, H.E.R.O., Hustler, Hyperaction, Kokotoni Wilf, Kentilla, The Prize, Psytraxx, Pyjamarama, Trouble Brewin', Zenji.
Spectrum Adventures
Avid adventure fanatics Peter Shaw and Dave Nicholls get to grips with Eureka, Hampstead and Peter Pan. And if you're lost, stuck or just plain suicidal in adventure-land, phone for the YS Adventure Helpline ... Playing tips for Eureka.
Software Features Deus Ex Machina
Deus Ex Machina may be an innovation - bringing a touch of Hollywood to our screens - but what of the game itself? Is it a game anyway?! Ross Holman auditions Automata's rising star, providing out-takes from its screen test.
Hacker's Guide
Seasoned hacker Dave Nicholls shuffles through Deus' code - and comes up trumps!
Hardware Features Spectrum+
As predicted in our last issue, Sinclair Research did indeed launch an upgrade to the ZX Spectrum - the ZX Spectrum+. Max Philips grabbed it as it came through the door to give us his verdict.
Awesome Secrets of the QL
Max Phillips reveals the mystery of the QL's Microdrives. Those of you with your own QL who have started to explore its many mysteries and delights will probably be tired of the constant barrage of bitching and criticism. What you want to see are the micro miracles other computers fail to offer. Quentin Lowe reveals one of the QL's lesser-known qualities.
Programming Spectrolysis: Your Number's Up
Number crunching à la Ian Beardsmore! Even Ian Beardsmore can be bitten by the games bug - and memory's no problem when you use his base 255 numbering system!
Breaking and Entering
Everything you always wanted to know about the art of hacking ... but were afraid to ask! The facts up-front from Terry Bulfib
Sprite Designer
Crafty code from Toni Baker to make spritely shapes fly around the screen. User-defined sprites on the Spectrum? It's not that difficult! Get things moving on-screen with more machine code magic from Toni Baker.
YS MegaBasic Tutorial - Procedural Practice
Mike Leaman shows you how to structure your programs in YS MegaBasic. And, at last, there's an opportunity to be first in the queue for the program itself!
Miscellaneous Features Interface ROM: The Inside Story
The inside story of the Interface 1 ... as told by Andrew Pennell. Andrew Pennell discusses the changes made to the Interface 1 ROM.
Reader's Programs Program Power
A bumper Xmas collection of four fantastic programs for you to tap into your Spectrum ...
Message Mover - Scroll text on the 23rd line of the screen display. (Martin Evans)
Tips for the Top - Routines to make your programs more professional. (Gavin Monk)
Xmas Card - An Xmas message from us to you ... or you to them? (Tony Samuels)
Lunar Buggy - A spaced-out, fast-moving lunar extravaganza. (Robert Stockton)
Interviews Nigel Searle (Sinclair Research)
The secrets of the Spectrum+ - Sinclair Research MD Nigel Searle speaks out. A Sue Denham exlcusive! Just days after the launch, Sinclair Research's MD Nigel Searle explains the thinking that's gone into the ZX Spectrum+.
Odds & Ends Your Spectrum Top Turkeys
Good, bad and indifferent ... as usual us gamesters got an across-the-board sprinkling in 1984. Old Nick takes a three-pronged look at the seamier side of it all.
YS Top Twenty Chart
Your tips for the top ... and guess who's back at number one!
Programs, problems and personalities - they're all here! Is there something you're not telling us? From next issue on, there'll be a crisp tenner awarded to the Star Letter of the Month. Don't miss out ...