Routine Errors
Don't fight it! Make the Spectrum ROM's error routine work for you. John Durst
Every Picture Tells a Story
Not everyone's got the artistic flair of Rembrandt ... but this program will show you where to draw the line! Chris Somerville
Machine Code Commands
Calling Basic from machine code? It's not quite as easy as you may think ... Dr David Threlfall
Magic Numbers
The mystery of magic - it's all here! M Loftus
Mode Music
Sound effects to suit your mode! Maurice David Wood
A 'shoot-em-up' game in the best arcade tradition. Pat Donnelly
Touch and Go!
Is doodling a doddle on the Touchmaster? Check it out inside ... Henry Budgett
Your Spectrum

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Issue 11, February 1985
- contents -
Heading for Trouble?
A true 'codebuster' knows how to deal with headerless code ... but do you? Terry Bulfib
The Ultimate Adventure?
Sabre Man's back in a new satanic adventure called Underwurlde ... Ross Holman and Dave Nicholls
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Frontlines 3 Spectrum news and views, From the Hip and Hewson's Avalon offer. Controversial comment on the Spectrum news scene, From the Hip, QL Affairs ... and there's a quid off Hewson Consultant's Avalon to boot!
Centronics i/f price cut for QL (Cambridge Systems Technology)
Keyboard replacement Mancomp
Slowmo speed controller (Cambridge Computing Research)
Educational software catalogue (Five To Twelve)
Espionage (Modular Resources)
Ghostbusters (Activision)
Hareraiser offers £30,000 prize (Haresoft)
The Highway Code (CRL)
The Ket Trilogy (Incentive Software)
The Love Oracle (Solar Publishing)
Skool Daze (Microsphere)
Soho Sex Quest / Herpes or Bust (Malan Associates)
Adventure Planner map sheets (Print 'n' Plotter Products)
Avalon "£1 off" offer (Hewson Consultants)
British Telecom starts computer information service
Mike Hale awarded Gold Cassette for 100,000+ sales (Hewson Consultants)
Mikro-Gen sponsors racing car
Nordic takes over Fuller keyboards stock
QL News 12 Concurrent QL Affairs
All the latest news and views of things QL, courtesy of John Torofex and Tim Hartnell. Sinclair freebies, Delayed QLUB News, Metacomco releases BCPL Compiler, QL-Forth & QL-Pascal.
Advice 6 Hacking Away
All the POKEs and more! Send your hacking hints to Andrew Pennell ... Jet Pac, Pssst, Zzoom, Cookie, Atic Atac, Lunar Jetman, Freez Bees, Pi-Balled, Moon Alert, Psytron, Frank N Stein.
11 From the Hip
Getting Ultimate POKEs to work, Disabling the Break key, Lunar Jetman pokes, Ocean Defence correction.
Software Reviews 51 Joystick Jury
Four pages of action-packed reviews of all the latest games software. All the latest software from around the houses! Passing judgement this month are Dave Nicholls, Ross Holman and Roger Willis.
All or Nothing(Abbex)56%
Chinese Juggler(Ocean)33%
Danger Mouse in Double Trouble(Creative Sparks)73%
Dark Star(Design Design)53%
Eddie Kidd's Jump Challenge(Martech)46%
Flip Flap(Software Supersavers)66%
Fred's Fan Factory(Software Supersavers)6%
Freex(Software Supersavers)23%
Kung Fu(Bug-Byte)60%
Noah(ESP Software)33%
Sir Lancelot(Melbourne House)60%
Zombie Zombie(Quicksilva)43%
40 Spectrum Adventures
Clive Gifford dials the helpline, and Dave Nicholls cracks open Valkyrie 17 and Tir na Nog. Clive Gifford dialled the YS Adventure Helpline and came up trumps with Neil Mackintosh, Gary Smart and Peter Marment. Reviewing credits go to ace hacker, Dave Nicholls. Snowball, Planet of Death, Knight's Quest, Velnor's Lair, Golden Apple, Digital Fantasia, Colossal Adventure, Lords of Time, The Hobbit.
Tir na Nog(Gargoyle Games)
Valkyrie 17(Ram Jam Corporation)
Software Features 44 The Ultimate Adventure: Underwurlde
Sabre Man's back ... and this time he's hell-bent on involving himself in all kinds of unholy goings-on. Ross Holman enters the demonic universe of Underwurlde to find out whether playing games of this nature is good for the soul!
48 Hacker's Guide
After a routine check through Underwurlde's code, hacker Dave Nicholls finds that it's not only the lead character you've seen before ...
Hardware Features 29 Touch and Go!
There've been several digitisers on the market for the Spectrum, but only the Touchmaster claims to be a keyboard replacement. Henry Budgett puts theory into practise - check out his findings ...
Programming 23 Heading for Trouble
Continuing his codebusting theme, Terry Bulfib delves deeper into the loading methods used to 'protect' commercial software from the prying eyes of hackers. This month, he takes a look at programs claiming to be 'headerless'.
34 Routine Errors
Error messages on the Speccy never seem to account fully for their sudden appearance. John Durst has come up with an interesting piece of code that'll use the error handling routine in ROM to give control to the user's program in the event of overflows, keying errors and the like.
62 Every Picture Tells a Story
Anyone can be an artist on the Spectrum - it's just a matter of co-ordination. Let Chris Somerville tell you where to draw the line.
66 Machine Code Commands
Being able to access Basic commands from machine code is not always as easy as it sounds, especially when dealing with Microdrives and the like. Join David Threlfall as he rummages around in the Spectrum's ROM.
Reader's Programs 69 Program Power
Three dynamic programs for you to type into your Spectrum!
Magic Numbers - The mystery of magic - it's all here! (M Loftus)
Mode Music - Sound effects to suit your mode! (Maurice David Wood)
Protector - A 'shoot-em-up' game in the best arcade tradition. (Pat Donnelly)
Books 5 Frontlines
Practical Spectrum Machine Code Programming (Virgin Books)
Interviews 88 Mike Johnston (ZX Microfairs)
A morning at the Microfair - Sue Denham meets Mike Johnston. What could possibly turn a Civil Servant into a successful exhibitionist? Sue Denham meets the man behind the ZX Microfairs ... Mike Johnston
Competitions 42 Spot the Difference
Win Hewson Consultants' complete software range and a Saga keyboard. And there's a quid off Avalon too! Here's a great competition to kick off the new year! Hewson Consultants and Saga Systems, in conjunction with Your Spectrum, are giving away £600 worth of software and hardware. Plus there's a quid off Avalon - see page 14!
Odds & Ends 16 The YS Top 20
The no-nonsense, unbiased chart for February - as voted by you!
18 Forum
Violent views and interesting insights from the YS mailbox. Witty, intelligent and imaginative readers write to Forum ... So why haven't we heard from you yet?
Error Code(Mike Minchin)
A Tip for the Hip(M J Adams)
From the Cap!(Captain Critical)
What's New?(John Kinory)
Let's Be Modest ...(Thomas 'Erauqs' Smith)
Leading Questions(Alastair McIntyre)
Hit or Miss?(Nicholas Monte)
Cheetah Cheat(Finn Hansen)
Sticking with DK(B R Pell)
36 YS MegaBasic Offer
Take advantage of YS MegaBasic - the inexpensive miracle on a cassette. Turn those pages fast!
49 Sneak Preview
Cartoon critic prepares for Backpackers review.
81 Input/Output
The YS free classified ad service.