Hey, Anyone Seen a Ghost?
Activision's Ghostbusters - will 'bustin' make you feel good? Ross Holman and Dave Nicholls
Mac Man
One hundred percent machine code madness - the idea's old, but the program's gold! Stuart Jamieson
Joystick Jury
Four action-packed pages of critical comment from our resident panel of jurors. Ross Holman, Dave Nicholls and Roger Willis
Byte Hi - No Limit!
Cartoon critic Harry Hacker tackles Fantasy's Backpacker's Guide to the Universe. Hunt Emerson
Into the Music?
If music be the food of love ... there ought to be some amazing music packages for the ZX Spectrum! Find out inside ... Adrian Wagner
Your Spectrum

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Issue 12, March 1985
- contents -
Tuning Up
Musically illiterate ... but you know what you like? Step inside - have we got a program for you! Chris Somerville
Mr ZIP's back! And he's fronting an amazing utility to provide you with a 'Search and Replace' function. Simon Goodwin
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Frontlines 3 News, views and reviews! All this, Hacking Away, Hard Core and From the Hip too ... You're now entering Frontlines country - turn those pages for news of the rumoured Spectrum upgrade, the Cheetah compo winners and much more!
Centronics i/f extender cable (Kempston Microelectronics)
Digital Sound Sampler (Datel)
Floyd 40 thermal printer (Floyd)
Rumours of new portable micro (Sinclair Research)
Sinclair C5 electric car launched (Sinclair Research)
Blockbusters (Macsen Software)
Empires (Imperial Software)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Ocean)
Gift from the Gods (Ocean Software)
Spectacle bonus program with Dark Star (Design Design)
Vino File (Peter Dominic)
Cheetah RAT competition winners
Gardener Merchant painting competition winners
Tony Crowther signs deal with Quicksilva
QL News 11 Concurrent QL Affairs
For all the news and views on the QL market, dispel the rumours with John Torofex. QLUB membership complaints, Quest disk drive problems, Simplex Data memory expansion, QL Plus add-on range from PCML, CST disk interface & memory expansion.
Advice 5 Hacking Away
All the POKEs and more! Send your hacking hints to Andrew Pennell ... Mr Wimpy, Modifying Ultimate's loader, Jet Set Willy, Defenda, Moon Alert, Cavelon, Maze Death Race, Horace Goes Skiing, The Crypt.
6 Hard Facts
DIY demon Stephen Adams offers advice on your hardware hassles ... Power supply, Microdrive start-up, Philips TX TV, Spectrum with Interface 1 + Microdrive + printer + VTX5000 modem.
12 From the Hip
Assembler listing explanation, RGB monitor suggestions, Entering Hex dumps.
Software Reviews 27 Joystick Jury
From their bench on high, our regular panel of jurors - Ross Holman, Dave Nicholls and Roger Willis - pass judgement on the latest games software!
Air Traffic Control(Mikro-Gen)33%
Booty(Firebird Software)50%
Bridge Player 2(C P Software)53%
Cylon Attack(A'n'F Software)40%
Knight Lore(Ultimate)93%
Match Day(Ocean)86%
Ms Pacman(Atarisoft)66%
Mutant Monty(Artic Software)43%
Skool Daze(Microsphere)66%
Son of Blagger(Alligata Software)33%
Starstrike(Real-Time Software)56%
Strontium Dog - The Killing(Quicksilva)26%
The Witch's Cauldron(Mikro-Gen)63%
Word Games with the Mr Men(Mirrorsoft)86%
34 Byte Hi - No Limit!
Cartoon critic Harry Hacker tackles Fantasy's Backpacker's Guide to the Universe. Hunt Emerson
41 Spectrum Adventures
Hints and tips from Castle Rathbone, with Clive Gifford, Dave Nicholls and Peter Shaw. Clive Gifford, the Black Baron of Castle Rathbone, gets on-line with Peter Marment, Gary Smart and Neil Mackintosh to check out your adventure problems this month. Also enlisted are Hairy Hacker Dave Nicholls and Green Goblin Peter Shaw. Eureka!, Valhalla, Valkyrie 17.
Doomdark's Revenge(Beyond Software)
Ghoulies(IMS Software)
44 Into the Music?
Over the past couple of years, apart from the odd snatch of a tune in games software, very little attention has been dedicated to the development of good music utilities. Composer and electronic designer Adrian Wagner checks out five of the latest packages available to see if the wait was worthwhile.
Music Maker (Bellflower Software)
Music Maker (Malan Associates)
Music Typewriter (Romantic Robot)
Play, Type and Transpose (Hilton Computer Services)
Spectune (XORsoft)
Software Features 36 Hey, Anyone Seen a Ghost?
What better way to guarantee a successful software package than to wait until the film, book and T-shirt have all 'gone down a storm', before wading in with your own product while the market's still eager. When Ghostbusters - the movie - began its successful sweep of this country, Activision launched a version of the eponymous game for the CBM 64. Now, after the 'Ghostbusting' thrill has died down a bit, the Spectrum version of the game has appeared - but, as Ross Holman and Dave Nicholls are unhappy to report, it just hasn't got the panache of the CBM version. Messrs Holman and Nicholls draw their paranormal conclusions ...
39 Hacker's Guide
Codebusting makes Dave Nicholls feel good ... especially on Activision's Ghostbusters.
Programming 23 Tuning Up
ZX Spectrums may not be the most musical of micros ... but, if you're like Chris Somerville, you're not exactly a Beethoven in the making anyway! So, compose yourself for the musically illiterate's guide to writing music ...
47 Multisearch
After a brief sojourn writing commercial software, we welcome programming guru Simon Goodwin back to the pages of YS with his first major utility since ZIP! Multisearch might be somewhat smaller than its predecessor but, as a fully relocatable 'search and replace' utility in just 255 bytes, it too is dedicated to the art of speeding up your Basic programs. Don't limit yourself to any other utility - make more of Multisearch!
Reader's Programs 59 Program Power
Your Spectrum is proud to present an amazing 100 per cent machine code game written by Stuart Jamieson.
Mac Man - One hundred percent machine code madness - the idea's old, but the program's gold!
Books 11 Paperdata
Machine Code Sprites and Graphics (Sunshine Publications)
Interviews 72 Joey (Bug-Byte)
Sue Denham catches up with the enigmatic Joey, programmer extraordinaire. Getting a foothold into the 'glamorous' world of writing software can be a harrowing experience. Sue Denham calls on Joey, ex-programmer for Bug-Byte, to recall the tortuous road to success.
Competitions 57 Design a Spectrum+
There's £1,000 of Spectrum software and peripherals to be won. Turn those pages fast! There's £1,000 worth of peripherals and software to be won for the ZX Spectrum - courtesy of Spectrum UK and Your Spectrum magazine.
Odds & Ends 15 The YS Top 20
The games software charts for March, voted entirely by you!
17 Forum
Disturbing diatribes, dynamic debates and DIY - it's all in this month's postbag. Is there something you're not telling us? Don't miss out on the chance to win a bundle of free Spectrum software for each month's Star Letter!
Output Input(Scala Fabio)
When in Doubt ... DIY(Derek Hirst)
Thanks for the Memory?(G R Charles)
It's the Pits!(Dave Vickers)
Write On!(Craig L Joly)
Cure for Insomniacs(D B Snow)
Kartoon Kapers(L Boorman)
Chucking Up?!(Paul Smith)
Keyboard Klash!(Michael MacKenzie)
Christmas Complications(Andrew Lea)
An Additional Problem(G Baker)
20 YS MegaBasic offer
Don't get caught without a copy! It's the inexpensive miracle on cassette ...
67 Input/Output
Subscribe to the YS free classified ad service and you'll make a few friends into the bargain!