Total Solar Eclipse Observations

Bucharesti - August 11th 1999


I was fortunate to view my first eclipse from an Athletics stadium in Bucharest in Romania. I was part of a group who arranged a trip through a company called Romantic Travel. Romantic Travel were awful, but the guide Florin was great so somehow we all survived.

With people from all over the world including the late Roger Tuthill - what a nice bloke, and a group from the RASC including Ralph Chou there was plenty of experience to be gained on this trip. The more experienced suggested that I was probably trying to do too much for my first eclipse, and would be in danger of missing it because I was too busy imaging. With that in mind I decided to forget the photography, and just adjust the video to get a selection of images showing various degrees of corona.

Unfortunately for us we were blessed with some very thin cloud which did remove detail from the corona, it was still an awesome site.


. . . . . .


Diamond Ring sequence at third contact as captured from video tape using a Neotech image capture card.


. . . . . . . .

A series of images showing the stages of the eclipse from before to after totality. Again images have been taken from the video sequence.

..... ..............

Video imaging using the JVC colour camera and Sony Video Walkman on a Vixen GP mount

A diamond ring sequence made by Richard Robinson from the above video stills

Well Total Eclipses are addictive I was told, and guess what - they are!

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