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Trip to the London Eye for Clarissa's 7th birthday - 2001
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Some more photographs of Clarissa and Alec - 2007
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Christmas 1996
Carol, Keith,
Clarissa and Alec
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Keith, Carol, Clarissa and Alec's Home Page
Carol  is a research scientist studying the molecular biology of yeast. She has worked on the targeting of monoclonal antibodies for cancer treatment and on prion diseases (sheep scrapie & BSE). She is the leader of the local Brownie pack, where she has been Tawny Owl for the last 35+ years. Her interests include: sewing and embroidery, walking, visiting historical sites, reading, tough puzzles, driving, gardening, and playing card games on the computer.
Keith  is a research scientist who has investigated the biological implications of the inhalation of man made vitreous fibres (e.g. Rockwool, glassfibre, ceramic fibres) and asbestos. He also worked on the microdosimetric implications of intakes of alpha-emitting radionuclides (e.g., plutonium and uranium). He used to manage the Cell Biology Division's microscopy imaging facility at the Institute of Ophthalmology [UCL], but now works at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics [Oxford University].  He studied atmospheric aerosol science for his PhD. His engineering MSc was in environmental pollution control, and his BSc was in Zoology. During 2001 he taught secondary school physics, chemistry, biology and ICT to 11 to 18 year olds (PGCE secondary science). He still has a keen interest in education, computers, image analysis and microscopy. He was chairman of the local Pre-School Playgroup and Toddlers committee (1999-2000), having taken a career break to look after Clarissa and Alec in their pre-school years.. His hobbies include: digital photography, science and technology, personal computing, STEM Ambassador outreach, HiFi audio, science fiction, walking, driving, visiting historical sites, reading,  DIY and playing 'zap the penguin' games on the computer.
Clarissa  is sixteen. She loves school. She likes to trampoline, draw & paint, and go to see Grandma Maureen and Grandma Jean & Granddad Les. She used to enjoy painting, but now spends her time reading, working on her Dell Studio 17 laptop, and playing on her Nintendo DS/GameCube/Wii. Her birthday is June 22nd (1994). Clarissa started school in 1999, and moved to secondary school in September 2005. She is doing her AS levels this year: Business Studies, Law, ICT and Mathematics.
Alec  is fourteen. He still loves school but not homework. He likes to trampoline, visit roller coaster parks  and his grandma's & granddad. He enjoys playing on his gaming PC, Sony PS3, iPod Touch, painting, and riding his bike. His birthday is April 2nd (1996). Alec started school in April 2001 and moved to secondary school in 2007. His GSCEs include Art, ICT, Science, and Resistant Materials.
We live in a four bedroomed detached bungalow set in an English rural garden of about a third of an acre. Carol was born in Purton, near Swindon, Wiltshire, and Keith was born in West Ham, London. Clarissa and Alec were both born in our village.
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Further details of Keith's research interests
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Our Pembrokeshire cottage holiday - Aug 2005
England UK
Taken in 2005
Us in 2005
The house where we all live