Cambridge Latin Course Magnetic Words No4

On the blackboard you can move the words around to make 5 Latin sentences. Remember where the verb goes in Latin. Click on "reveal" to check your answers.

1)Find the Latin words that mean the same as the sentences below
2)Add a question word to each - experiment until you are satisfied.
3)Put a question mark at the end of each sentence!
4)Check your anwers with mine - they may be different , but could still be right - ask your teacher.

  • You are reciting.
  • The slaves are cooking.
  • The teacher is teaching
  • The men are writing.
  • He is telling a story.

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quid tu recitas? What are you reciting?
servi-ne coquunt? Are the slaves cooking?
cur rhetor docet? Why is the teacher teaching?
ubi viri scribunt? Where are the men writing?
quis fabulam narrat? Who is telling a story?

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