by Muz Murray

(from Gandalf's Garden Number 4, 1969)

Is '69 to be the YEAR OF ATLANTIS? All the signs seem to point to it. Countless Overgrounders, that is, those with mystical insights or an inner awareness of the wondrous age to come, have been mentally seeding the planetary consciousness for many years with the constant hope that this Lost Continent of Man's Spirit will re-emerge. The visionaries have dated its appearance around this time. If Atlantis does come up, the Straight-world will be shaken rigid, and will have to readjust its opinion of the "airy-fairy head-in-the-clouds" hippie method of intuitively "sensing the vibes" of the universe.

But what would be the point of Atlantis rising? Apart from the immense esoteric significance, it also has great practical value, since mankind will soon be in dire need of an uncontaminated land-mass. But there are many other considerations.

Firstly, this is the Age of Aquarius, although even this is under dispute from some authorities; some say we are still in the Piscean Era. Some insist that Aquarius began 200 years ago and some, that the year 2000 will be the turning point. Our own contention is that we are on the cusp of the two, at the point where the influences of both are having effect. But whatever the truth is, something is definitely happening to our minds - NOW. And Aquarius is the Age of Consciousness. What is happening to the world's youth but the Renaissance of Consciousness? The breaking of Old Age thought-patterns? Consciousness-expanding drugs have been discovered and come into widespread use, bringing a return to the awareness of the wonder and sanctity of life and man's relationship to nature. Even without the psychedelic awakening, much of the world's youth will no longer tolerate a life of hypocrisy, "conditioning" and dehumanisation, nationalism and other authoritarian methods of manipulation.

In the minds of the "unconditioned" there is this incredible upsurge of mystical and spiritual consciousness, while the "semi-conditioned" run to the barricades. But whicheverway it is, the joyous sound of men breaking their chains tends to put fear into the bureaucratic mind. The rising hysteria in these earthly channels for Negative Forces, seems to allow free rein to the increasing paranoia and sadistic thuggery of the world's law-keepers, who indiscriminately secure the status quo of whomsoever is in power, whilst suppressing humanity wherever it raises an eyebrow. Meanwhile the scientists and politicians feel free to infect Our earth and man alike with Doomsday Bug bacteria and the general population wallows in apathy. We shall overcome. This is a Cosmic Renaissance, beyond the powers of any Greyworld authorities. Great changes are coming!

But in order to help raise the Earth's mental vibrations, the general mass of the population on the planet has to achieve some small measure of heightened awareness. Under normal conditions, people are not prepared to work to achieve this. If they do not make the choice willingly, growth is forced upon them by outside influences. Suffering brings man awareness. History has shown that it usually takes catastrophe, pestilence, floods, wars and earthquakes to awaken a sense of camaraderie and brotherhood among men. This is one thing that Atlantis rising could bring about.

It could also perpetuate squabbles. After the momentary awe of the continent rising and the tidal wave havoc it would create, one can visualise all the madmen fighting to be the first to stick a flag on it. Nationalistic thinking has had its day. Flag-wavers awake! WE, the FUTURE, want none of your borders and manufactured hatreds. The Future is out of your hands and in our minds. Creative mind-power moves mountains.

But to the majority, only "seeing is believing". If Atlantis lives in enough minds, then such a concentrated force can bring it into view. Having once been the Cradle of Western spiritual power, the Atlantean land-mass would be charged with magnetic energies (as are all other sites of esoteric antiquity), the influences of which would be a positive factor in causing the re-emergence of the lost continent.

Once the archaeologists and historians and other accepted authorities had been let loose among the coral-encrusted temples of Atlantis, they would begin to find evidence of the superior civilisation spoken of by the mystics of old and modern times. As the information filtered back to the millions, the realisation would dawn that perhaps the "advance" of "civilisation" is not so unique as they had hitherto believed. Every discovery, of the methods they used for flight, healing, etc., would be well covered by the mass-media, and slowly the general planetary consciousness, in combination with the thousands of old and young New-Age minds, would improve sufficiently to raise the Earth's vibration to a higher level. This would mean that higher states of consciousness, called Cosmic, or Divine Awareness, could become more common to sensitive minds, resulting in greater creation and benefits for mankind. Moreover, if facts came to light in Atlantis to suggest that man's misdoing caused the catastrophe which sank the whole continent, then perhaps something may be learned before the same inane event occurs again.

Recently, a nuclear submarine carrying a load of hydrogen bombs, mysteriously disappeared off the islands of the Azores (which islands are believed to be the mountain peaks of Atlantis). Bits of the submarine were later found floating in the ocean, but no bodies or bombs were recovered. As we go to press, news comes of a devastating earthquake which hit Portugal and Morocco, the origin of which was reported to have been way out under the ocean, towards the Azores.

While hobbits sit oblivious in the Shire, the Gandalfs and Striders of the world are working furiously to save the planet from extinction, and to bring about the Golden Age. It will come. Things are happening behind the scenes even in the bastions of the Greyworld. Overcome negativity and begin to live the future now within yourself. Build the vibrations in the Earth-soul, and the world as we wish it will come into being. Begin at home, in your daily life, and it will spread. That is your answer to the apathetic cry, "What can I do? I'm only one."

Gandhi's vision of Independence for India began with the aid of only five people. Two sincere people who really believe in something can change the course of events of the world. The whole history of this planet has proven it. Even one man alone is capable of changing the world, solely by the power of his spirit living in the minds of others. It is not beyond your ability, if your belief and intention is pure.

We are passing through a time of trial. The clouds of Mordor thicken. The forces of dark and light are building to a climax. Hold your breath. Atlantis could be the turning of the tide.

See also the Gandalf's Garden 4 article "Atlantis Rising" by Mark Western.

Copyright © Muz Murray 1969. Reprinted with permission.
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