by Mark Western

(from Gandalf's Garden Number 4, 1969)

Atlantis is no longer either a fact or fiction. It has become something greater than both - a hope in man's breast! It has become a symbol, a quest, the lost continent of himself. It is all the submerged continent of our Eternal Nature, our hidden but imperishable self. We long once more for the Garden of Eden, and mankind's original spiritual home, where he lived at peace with himself and his surroundings, and at one with both.

In this particular sense, it matters not whether Atlantis exists as a material fact. There are signs of it here and there if we look about. Like the outer signs we see of our own spiritual nature, they are tantalizing signs promising so much more than they actually tell. They point our attention down under the waters, into the deeps of ourself, and leave us wondering how we may get beneath the surface to actually see for ourselves. Not just to guess, to feel sure because of the signs, but to know through direct contact.

In recent years much unrest has been experienced in connection with Atlantis. Writings have appeared in all the most acceptable journals and papers. Expeditions have been organised, research has been carried out, hundreds of books and pamphlets printed, and even accidental evidence in regard to sea bed surveys. But still, in a sense, we are no nearer satisfaction, we still cannot see for ourselves.

Then we have the other source of evidence even more fascinating, but just as frustrating. This is information from the other type of exploration and research that countless thousands all over the world are working on - the inward self. From this source we have memories of past lives, intuitive hopes and feelings; and strangest of all, a feeling of urgency, expectation, of hope. In short, the belief that it is rising again.

As early as the 1920s, Cheiro, in his extraordinary book "World Predictions", prophesied that Atlantis would rise again in this century. He says "During the next fifty to a hundred years after a series of devastating earthquakes, the islands of the Azores will rise from the Atlantic and the ruins of the long lost Atlantis will be discovered and explored".

Another recent prophet, Edgar Cayce, states the same thing - that Atlantis will rise, and the Great Temple of Poseidia will be seen again. To quote a statement he made in deep trance like sleep, "Poseidia will be among the first portions of Atlantis to rise again. Expect it in '68 and '69 - not so far away." This was said in 1940.

From the point of view from which we are remarking, several interesting and important ideas stand out. To be quite serious, I really do not believe that we can separate any physical truth about Atlantis from the allegorical truth with which I am dealing. Any physical showing of Atlantis would have tremendous impact upon man's spiritual values. Therefore, any statement can be taken and interpreted as regarding man's internal nature and its course of development in recent years.

In the first place, it is generally accepted that Atlantis sank due to a combination of Cosmic, geophysical and human influences. Interpreted this would say that man's contact with the divine was the result of his own developing nature and experience, coupled with internal Cosmic influences that were aided in their influence by changes in his physical environment. His sense of oneness and contact with Cosmic source sank as events developed his self awareness and ego.

Prophecy, not only on the part of the two lone voices quoted, but on the part of general human intuitions, suggests that the reverse is now - even now - taking place. That despite man's sense of individuality, his ego and self sufficiency represented by his present social structure, Atlantis, his Cosmic Sense is rising again. The hidden forces within man's own experience are conspiring to bring it up from the deeps. Unseen, unknown, in many a human breast, the march of events, the tiny interaction of experience upon the human soul, are drawing up the deep continent of the spirit to be shortly seen with our own eyes. But not without some trial and sacrifice, heart rending and change. For it was cataclysm that took it down, and it shall be "a series of devastating earthquakes" that will bring it up.

But what, after all is said and done, will we find? Again, especially in regard to the present viewpoint, the intuitive revelations give us as much, if not more, guiding information. Many feel that all the information concerning Atlantis is already available if only we would search for it. Dr Kinnaman and others have said that there are records within the Pyramid. Edgar Cayce said, "The entity Hept-supht led in keeping of the records and buildings that were put in their respective places at this time.

"This was the period, as given, of 10,500 years before the entering of the Prince of Peace in the land, to study to become an initiate in or through those same activities that were set by Hept-supht in this dedication ceremony.

"A record of Atlantis from the beginning of those periods when the Spirit took form, or began the encasements in that land; and the developments of the peoples throughout their sojourn; together with the record of the first destruction, and the changes that took place in the land; with the record of the sojournings of the peoples and their varied activities in other lands, and a record of the meetings of all the nations or lands, for the activities in the destructions that became necessary with the final destruction of Atlantis, and the building of the Pyramid of Initiation; together with whom, what and where the opening of the records would come, that are as copies from the sunken Atlantis. For with the change, it (the Temple) must rise again."

These records we are told, lie in an as yet undiscovered structure near the Sphinx, the same records lie in the sunken Temple of Poseidia, and also hidden in Yucatan. Taken metaphorically again, evidence of what we seek spiritually, already lies at the surface. If we searched our heart, we would find there instructions, feelings, hopes, that are as records of past glories. Is there not at times a sort of homesickness and world weariness that speaks volumes to us? Do we listen to it for instructions?

A.E., the poet, has written a stirring description of a visionary experience he had. It describes a young airman manoeuvering a beautiful and sensitive craft. He looked upon the experience as a memory of a past life, a past life lived in Atlantis.


Nearly all of those who investigate Atlantis with their intuition, state that at the height of its culture it was scientifically advanced. Artificial lighting, aeroplanes, powered ocean going ships, even anti gravity are said to be products of their genius. But their source of power was not like our own, which is largely combustion or explosive. Again it is universally felt that they were able to tap solar and magnetic energies, and beam them out to craft as we beam out radio waves to receivers. Instead of the beam resulting in sound or sight however, it could be used as power.

Similarly, instead of using gross forces in medicine and healing, the subtler forces of the body were understood and used to bring harmony and health in the body.

Our interpretation of this would be that it is only man's egoistic or mechanistic view of the universe that stops him from discovering the natural cosmic and physical energies that can be utilised. When the internal contact with Life is regained and emerges into our conscious realisation, physical force as a means of power will be less needed, for we will become agents for the powers that swing the stars through their courses. Nature, after all, always directs its powers through existing bodies, and we are certainly that.

One of the "human" reasons stated for the latter part of Atlantis' dissolution, was the great struggle between, as it is stated, the powers of Light and Darkness. In our own recent history such a struggle was again fought out, or at least, one round of it, during the last world war.


Cayce, talking about somebody's past lives, says " the Atlantean land just after the second breaking up of the land owing to the misapplication of divine laws upon those things of nature or of the earth - when there were eruptions from the second using of those influences that were for man's own development, yet becoming as destructive forces to flesh when misapplied.

"In the Atlantean land between the second and the last upheaval when there was great antagonism between the Sons of Belial and the Sons of The Law of One - a priestess to the labouring ones, made overtures to the people for the acknowledging of the labourers to make their experience easier. These labourers were considered by many as 'things' rather than individual souls." (Atlantis - Fact or Fiction - A. R. E. Press, Virginia Beach.)

In connection with the use of subtle forces, Cayce again mentions them in talking about another person's past life in Atlantis. "Through the same form of fire the bodies of individuals were regenerated: by burning - through application of rays from the stone - the influences that brought destructive forces to an animal organism. Hence the body (person) often rejuvenated itself; and it remained in that land until the eventual destruction - joining with Belial."

This sounds strangely like Rider Haggard's description of "She", and the flame that could either rejuvenate or destroy. Stories and Legends have always been present of strange beings like "She" who lived for hundreds of years, often destroyed eventually by the very things that gave them life. But destroyed through its misapplication, its selfish use for power.

Taken in interpretation, we see that man lost contact with his past powers and glories due to ignorance, misapplication, and the attempt at personal aggrandisement. Strange as it may seem, those strange subtle forces are constantly with us. They are the vital forces of life itself. Unseen, unknown except as they show themselves in what they bring forth. Whatever we do, think, speak or feel is an expression, a channelling of these forces for good or ill. At present they are unrealised in us, below the surface like Atlantis. But in man's past history they were known and used. The great struggle then, as now, was in the direction of their use.

Will Atlantis rise again, and with it come the regaining of man's knowledge of how to use the Cosmic forces socially and individually? Is it to be taken literally; or is it like the great present anticipation of the return of Christ? Will the Christ and Atlantis appear individually to each man in his own heart, and be expressed through their own lives? Or can we take these longings and anticipation of the human soul both figuratively and literally?

One thing is sure, and history has shown us the truth of it over and over. No longing in the heart of thousands, no unrest of a nation or the world's soul goes unanswered by Events. Unrest and longing lead to change or manifestation of some new aspect of the Universal Soul. The world's peoples, like individuals, have an unconscious and conscious mind. The social scene, with all its books, and films and activities are its consciousness. The individual heart, the single soul here and there with their realisation and hopes are its unconscious. The hope and expectancy of Atlantis have now reached society's consciousness. This is only the voice of one crying in the wilderness. In our own century, in one way or another, Atlantis will rise - is rising. Watch and wait.

See also the Gandalf's Garden 4 editorial, "Why Not This Year?", by Muz Murray.

Copyright © Gandalf's Garden 1969.
(Muz Murray tells me that "Mark Western" was a pseudonym. Please contact us if you can identify him.)
Photomontage copyright © Colin Bord. Reproduced with permission.

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