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"The Sykes Church Trail" (The Jamesian Traveller), No.12, 21.
"'Two Doctors' Revisited" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.11, 32.

"Rats to Mr Mullen" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.6, 27.

"Notes on the Structure and Ubiquity of Mr Humphreys' Maze", No.1, 6.

"The Spanish Translations of M.R. James's Ghost Stories" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.2, 23.

"Another Link to Alfred Watkins?" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.10, 31.

"The Antiquarian Background of M.R. James's Ghost Stories", No.8, 6.

"M.R. James, Antiquarian Sleuth: William of Norwich, Thomas of Monmouth and the Blood Libel", No.3, 6.
"M.R. James meets The Mummy" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.7, 36.
"The Problem with Mr Humphreys" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.12, 30.

"Ghosts in the Trenches?" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.10, 32.
"In Defence of 'The Tractate Middoth'" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.8, 25.

"The Black Spider: Antecedents of 'The Ash-Tree'", No.10, 15.
"'Depositum Custodi': Wells and Treasure in German Folklore" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.8, 32.
"'He was laughing in the church': A Visit to St Bertrand de Comminges" (The Jamesian Traveller), No.7, 15.
"The Nature of the Beast: The Demonology of 'Canon Alberic's Scrap-book'", No.6, 17.
"'The shadow of the occupant of Number 13': A Visit to Viborg", No.11, 5.
"The Treasure of Steinfeld Abbey: A Visit to the Scene of 'The Treasure of Abbot Thomas'" (The Jamesian Traveller), No.5, 4.

"The Head of John the Baptist" (from The Classical Review 1916), No.11, 21.

"A Visit to St Michan's, Dublin" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.4, 36.
"INDEX to Ghosts & Scholars 26-33", No.1, 19.

INDEX TO ISSUES 1-10, No.11, 41.

"The Game of Bear" (revised story draft), No.12, 10.
"Ghost Stories" (from The Eton Rambler 1880), No.3, 3.
"John Humphreys" (revised story draft), No.11, 11.
"Marcilly-le-Hayer" (revised story draft), No.10, 27.
"A Mare's Nest from Missouri" (from The Guardian church newspaper 1900), No.4, 4.
"Merfield House" (revised story draft), No.12, 12.
"On Mysticism in Poetry and Art" (essay), No.10, 5.
"Some Remarks on 'The Head of John the Baptist'" (from The Classical Review 1917), No.11, 24.
"Speaker Lenthall's Tomb" (story), No.7, 4.
"The Troll and the Christening", No.8, 4.

"Hill-Digging and Magic" (from The Nineteenth Century 1887), No.6, 10.

(contribution to) "Some (Further) Remarks on Ghost Stories", No.10, 11.

(contribution to) "Some (Further) Remarks on Ghost Stories", No.10, 14.

"Partial Eclipse of the Provost" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.1, 13.
"The Second Boyhood of Dr James" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.5, 18.
"Slightly Cross about 'Abbot Thomas'" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.9, 9.

(comments on) "The Night-Raven" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.2, 28.

"Mr Poynter's Pointers" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.12, 29.

(contribution to) "Some (Further) Remarks on Ghost Stories", No.10, 12.

"M.R. James: The Final Solution?" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.3, 35.

"Atmosphere and Crescendo: M.R. James, C.D. Heriot and the Mechanics of the Ghost Story", No.4, 16.

"The Value of Art and Inanimate Objects in the Ghost Stories of M.R. James", No.7, 23.

"A Defence of 'Two Doctors'" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.9, 10.

(contribution to) "Some (Further) Remarks on Ghost Stories", No.10, 12.

"Adventures of a Jamesian Detective" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.9, 11.
"A.P. Baker and A College Mystery", No.8, 11.
"Bain" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.3, 37.
"'Before someone take and put it right again'" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.6, 25.
"An Eton and King's Query: An Answer?" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.11, 34.
"'The Fenstanton Witch': Errors and Omissions", No.4, 20.
"Follow-ups (Author Connections): George MacDonald, Robert Graves" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.5, 20.
"Hostanes Magus" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.5, 13.
"'I seen it wive at me out of the winder': The Window as Threshold in M.R. James's Stories", No.4, 11.
"The Man in King William Street" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.1, 12.
"The Mystery Of It All" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.2, 21.
"'Negotium Perambulans'?" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.4, 37.
"The Night-Raven" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.2, 25.
"A Note on Miss Mothersole" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.10, 34.
"'The Old Man on the Hill': Beelzebub in 'An Evening's Entertainment'", No.7, 30.
"'A Wonderful Book': George MacDonald and 'The Ash-Tree'", No.3, 18.

"'The Experiment': Story Notes", No.3, 22.
"'The Fenstanton Witch': Story Notes", No.2, 14.
"The Herefordshire of 'A View from a Hill'" (The Jamesian Traveller), No.6, 4.
"Two Magicians: Wilsthorpe and Aswarby" (The Jamesian Traveller), No.10, 25.

"A Pleasing Company: A Chat with Robert Lloyd Parry" (Brian J. Showers), No.12, 15.

"Class War in 'Casting the Runes'", No.9, 4.
"Homosexual Panic and the English Ghost Story: M.R. James and others", No.2, 5.
"More on Mephistopheles" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.3, 37.

"Just How Wicked was that Wicked Young Man?: A Look at 'An Evening's Entertainment'" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.7, 34.
"M.R. James and the Vampires", No.10, 20.
"Was Ann Clark Pregnant?" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.5, 11.

(contribution to) "Some (Further) Remarks on Ghost Stories", No.10, 9.

(contribution to) "Some (Further) Remarks on Ghost Stories", No.10, 9.

"A Pleasing Company: A Chat with Robert Lloyd Parry", No.12, 15.
[et al] "Some (Further) Remarks on Ghost Stories", No.10, 8.

"In Defence of 'The Tractate Middoth'" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.8, 23.
"Jane Harrison's 'The Head of John the Baptist'" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.12, 33.
(comments on) "The Night-Raven" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.2, 27.
"Spiders in 'The Ash-Tree'" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.5, 16.

"M.R. James and Sex" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.5, 15.
"A Source for 'Martin's Close'?" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.2, 19.

"The Ghosts & Scholars M.R. James Survey 2007: The Results", No.12, 4.

(contribution to) "Some (Further) Remarks on Ghost Stories", No.10, 13.

"Mithras and the Ghost Story" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.8, 30.

"Caroline de Litchfield" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.1, 14.
"MRJ at Auction", No.2, 30.
"The MRJ Price Index", No.5, 9.

(contribution to) "Some (Further) Remarks on Ghost Stories", No.10, 13.

(contribution to) "Some (Further) Remarks on Ghost Stories", No.10, 10.

"In Defence of 'The Tractate Middoth'" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.8, 26.
"'A View from a Hill': A Reply" (Jamesian Notes & Queries), No.11, 28.

WINNALL, STEVE: "A Warning to the (Urban) Curious: Folklore and Historic Preservation in the Ghost Stories of M.R. James", No.8, 15.

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Bob Adey, No.12, 37; Steve Anderson, No.7, 40; Phil Attewell, No.2, 32;
Austin Baker, No.10, 37; Matthew Banks, No.2, 32; Barbara Brown, No.4, 27, No.5, 25, No.6, 38; Eric Bryan, No.8, 35, 37; Jim Bryant, No.10, 39;
Michael Chabon, No.4, 25; Nick Connell, No.8, 37;
Richard Dalby, No.4, 26, No.7, 40, No.9, 16, No.10, 38; Steve Duffy, No.7, 41; Deborah Dwyer, No.9, 15;
John Gordon, No.8, 35; Helen Grant, No.7, 40, No.9, 15; Denise Grushon, No.8, 37; Gordon Guy, No.12, 37;
George Hadjipateras, No.12, 36; Katherine Haynes, No.6, 39, No.7, 39, No.8, 35, No.9, 14, 16, No.11, 36; John Howard, No.8, 35, 36, No.12, 39; Alan Hunter, No.3, 27, No.4, 28;
Roger Johnson, No.3, 25, No.7, 39, No.8, 35, 36;
Rick Kennett, No.3, 27; Chico Kidd,
No.2, 31, No.3, 27, No.4, 25, No.6, 39, No.8, 35, 36, No.10, 36, No.12, 36, 37, 39;
Ann Laabs, No.12, 37, 38; Hugh Lamb, No.4, 26, No.10, 37, 38; Richard Leigh, No.3, 28; David Longhorn,
No.2, 31, No.8, 36, No.10, 39, No.12, 39;
Daniel McGachey, No.9, 15, No.11, 35, No.12, 35, 39; Mary Mitchell, No.12, 38; Antonio Monteiro, No.9, 15; Tom Mullen, No.7, 38;
Mark Nicholls,
No.2, 31, No.12, 38; Roger Nicholson, No.3, 28, No.8, 37;
Reggie Oliver, No.11, 35;
Mike Pincombe, No.5, 27, No.11, 36;
Tina Rath, No.10, 39; Jim Rockhill, No.9, 15, 16; Christopher Roden, No.5, 28, No.10, 35; David Rowlands,
No.2, 31, No.3, 26, No.4, 26, No.5, 26, No.6, 38, No.7, 39, No.8, 35, 36, No.9, 14, 15, No.10, 36, 37, 38, 39, No.11, 35, No.12, 38, 39;
A. Langley Searles, No.8, 35; Jacqueline Simpson, No.4, 25, No.7, 38, No.8, 35, 36, No.12, 35; Muriel Smith, No.3, 26, No.4, 26, No.7, 40; Graeme Stevenson, No.5, 27, No.8, 37;
Don Tumasonis, No.5, 27, No.6, 39;
Douglas Walters, No.5, 26, No.8, 36; C.E. (Clive) Ward, No.8, 35; Ron Weighell, No.7, 39.

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Nick Connell, No.6, 29; Nicholas Culpeper, No.6, 31; Steve Duffy, No.1, 16, No.4, 40; Roger Johnson, No.1, 15, No.3, 40; Richard Leigh, No.3, 39; Jim Murray, No.3, 39; Mark Nicholls, No.2, 29; Rosemary Pardoe, No.1, 16, No.4, 40, No.6, 30, No.10, 34; David Rowlands, No.3, 38; Ted Peacock, No.3, 39; Michael Wahl, No.4, 39.

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Duffy, Steve, No.3, 29, No.4, 32, No.9, 19.
Grant, Helen,
No.12, 45.
Haynes, Katherine,
No.11, 38.
Johnson, Roger,
No.5, 23, No.8, 41.
McGachey, Daniel,
No.10, 41, No.12, 40.
Pardoe, Rosemary,
No.1, 17, 18, No.3, 31, 32, No.6, 37, No.7, 44, No.8, 38, No.9, 17, No.11, 36, No.12, 46, 47.
Pincombe, Mike,
No.4, 29.
Rowlands, David G.,
No.3, 33, No.4, 31, No.5, 22, No.7, 43, No.8, 40, No.10, 40, No.11, 39.
Staig, Laurence,
No.3, 31.
Tumasonis, Don,
No.6, 32, 35.

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[NB: A couple of the illustrations in the web site selections from the Newsletter do not have anchors with which to link them to the entries in this and the following sections. In these cases, I have linked to the closest anchor: you will only need to page up or down a small way in the Newsletter selections to find the artwork.]

"The Ash-Tree" (Nick Maloret), No.4, 15; (Rosemary Pardoe), No.11, 1.

"Count Magnus" (Douglas Walters), No.8, 22 (plus colour version on the web site).

"The Diary of Mr Poynter" (humorous caption, F.E. Mackie), No.2, 18.

"An Evening's Entertainment" (Alan Hunter), No.1, 1.

"The Haunted Dolls' House" (Alan Hunter), No.6, 1.

"Lost Hearts" (Douglas Walters), No.5 (a figure at St Michan's, web site only); No.6, 31 (plus colour version on the web site); No.9, 1 (plus a second illustration, in colour, on the web site).

"Mr Humphreys and His Inheritance" (Alan Hunter), No.8, 1.

"A Neighbour's Landmark" (Alan Hunter), No.5, 1.

"Number 13" (Douglas Walters), No.12 (web site only, in colour)

"Rats" (Alan Hunter), No.2, 1.

"The Residence at Whitminster" (humorous caption, F.E. Mackie), No.3 (web site only).

"The Rose Garden" (humorous caption, F.E. Mackie), No.4 (web site only).

"Stories I Have Tried to Write" (Alan Hunter), No.7, 1; (Rosemary Pardoe), No.12, 1.

"The Story of a Disappearance and an Appearance" (Alan Hunter), No.3, 1.

"The Treasure of Abbot Thomas" (Douglas Walters), No.5, 21.

"A View from a Hill" (Alan Hunter), No.4, 1; (Nick Maloret), No.10, 1.

"A Warning to the Curious" (Douglas Walters), No.10 (web site only, in colour).

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A College Mystery (F.H. Round), No.8 (web site only).

Lamplough's Pyretic Saline (original advertisement, ref. "Casting the Runes"), No.9 (web site only).

St Bertrand de Comminges (plan, William Bond), No.7, 13.

Tales from Lectoure ("The Green Man", Douglas Walters), No.11, 40.

Viborg (plan, William Bond), No.11 (web site only).

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Garway Church, Herefs. (Darroll Pardoe), No.6 (web site only).

Llanthony Priory, Mon. (Darroll Pardoe), No.6 (web site only).

St Bertrand de Comminges (William Bond), No.7, 14 (plus additional photographs on the web site).

Steinfeld Abbey (William Bond), No.5, 8 (plus additional photograph on the web site).

Viborg (Helen Grant/William Bond), No.11, 10 (plus additional photographs on the web site).

Viborg, Preisler's Hotel, No.11 (web site only).

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Bond, William, No.5, 8 (more on the web site), No.7, 13, 14 (more on web site); No.11, 10 (more on the web site).

Grant, Helen, No.11, 10 (more on the web site).

Hunter, Alan, No.1, 1, No.2, 1, No.3, 1, No.4, 1, No.5, 1, No.6, 1, No.7, 1, No.8, 1.

Mackie, F.E., No.2, 18, No.3 (web site only), No.4 (web site only).

Maloret, Nick, No.4, 15, No.10, 1.

Pardoe, Darroll, No.6 (web site only).

Pardoe, Rosemary, No.11, 1, No.12, 1.

Walters, Douglas, No.5, 21 (second pic, in colour, on web site), No.6, 31 (colour version on web site), No.8, 22 (colour version on web site), No.9, 1 (second pic, in colour, on web site), No.10 (web site only, in colour), No.11, 40, No. 12 (web site only, in colour).

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