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The Joining
(Mar 2000, PG13, 85kB) SG1 are invited to a 'ceremony of joining' that has unforeseen consequences for Sam and Jack. Kelly Siegfried has written a missing scene from this story, entitled 'Perfect Knowledge', which can be found at (*Warning* - 'Perfect Knowledge' is rated NC17 and has adult content)
Seize the Day
(Jan 2000, PG, 13kB) Missing scene from Point of View. Samantha gives Jack some advice when he visits her room.
Under the Greenwood Tree
(Nov 1999. PG, 61kB) Jack dreams that there are some familiar faces running round Sherwood Forest. S/J Romance.
Another Holiday
(Aug 1999, PG, 13kB) My response to Michelle's challenge to write a version of Holiday where Sam switches bodies with someone. A little S/J.
Deja Vu
(Aug 1999, PG13, 16kB) My response to Michelle's challenge to write a sequel to her story 'Drive Me Crazy', which can be found on the S/J Archive. Jack just can't remember.... S/J Romance.
(May 1999, PG13, 24kB) After the events of Holiday, Daniel decides to live for today. S/D, S/J, Angst.
You Can Thank Me Later
(May 1999, PG, 9kB) Sequel to Trust Me (see below). Jack has a visitor in his office.
Trust Me
(Mar 1999, PG, 8kB) Sam is trying to avoid someone.
In the Past
(Mar 1999, PG, 8kB) Missing scene from 1969. Sam and Jack reflect on being in the past. S/J Romance.
What Happened to You?
(Feb 1999, PG, 11kB) My response to the 'no Danny whumping' challenge on the sgfic list. Sam and Teal'c run into problems on a routine survey mission.
I Know She Loves Me
(Jan 1999, PG, 5kB) Jack contemplates his feelings for Sam. Vanessa Nichols has written a sequel to this story, entitled Canon, that can be found on the S/J Archive.
About Last Night
(Jan 1999, PG, 9kB) My response to Siobhan's challenge to reveal what *really* happened on P3X595. S/J Romance.
The Queen's Pleasure
(Jan 1999, PG13, 26kB) SG1 'gate to a planet run by women where Jack and Daniel are mistaken for Sam's slaves.
It Started with a Kiss
(Dec 1998, PG13,15kB) My response to the samandjack list Christmas challenge. The challenge was to write a story that involved mistletoe, Teal'c getting drunk and Sam and Jack 'getting it on'. S/J Romance.
(Dec 1998, PG, 7kB) Additional scene set after the end of the episode Secrets. Angst. A little S/J.
Dream a little Dream
(Nov 1998, PG, 7kB) Sam's been dreaming... S/J Romance. (My first ever fanfic!!)

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Sam and Jack - 'Urgo'


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