The Danny Lurks Stories

Daniel - 'Past and Present'

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In May 1999, I posted Fan Fiction. Little did I know that a year later the idea (that Daniel lurks on the samandjack mailing list) would have spawned ten more stories and begun to take on a life of its own. For instance, did you know that Danny now has his own e-mail address? Try mailing him at if you don't believe me!

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"Danny Lurks - the photographic evidence"

"Danny Lurks - more photographic evidence"

Stories -

Fan Fiction
(May 1999, PG, 10kB)
Jack finds out what Daniel, Sam and Teal'c have been reading.
The Cloning Machine
(June 1999, PG13, 9kB)
SG1 discover the cloning machine.
The Sharing of Charlie Kawalsky
(Aug 1999, PG, 12kB)
Charlie Kawalsky arrives at the SGC.
(Oct 1999, PG, 21kB)
SG1 try their hand at writing.
(Oct 1999, PG, 16kB)
All authors love receiving feedback.
You Know Me and Computers
(Nov 1999, PG, 18kB)
For Jack, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
(Dec 1999, PG, 23kB)
SG1 spend Christmas at Daniel's place
Die, Martouf, Die!
(Jan 2000, PG13, 25kB)
Martouf finds out what the samandjack list think of him.
(Feb 2000, PG13, total 134kB in four parts)
Written with Vanessa Nichols. Ness has never had so much e-mail....
Smile Please!
(April 2000, PG, 17kB)
There's a photo in the samandjack shared files that Daniel doesn't want Sam and Jack to see.
(May 2000, PG, 20kB)
Sg1 read a story with an unexpected twist.


Daniel - 'Pretense'


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Daniel - 'Urgo'

Daniel - 'Past and Present'
The Danny Lurks Stories
In which Dr. D. Jackson is a member of the samandjack mailing list.
A Romantic Adventure written with Jennifer Goll.
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Mainly Sam and Jack Romances.

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