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The Newsletter of the Dagworth & District Gentlemen’s Cycling Society

Spring 2014

The Last Wheeler

This really is the last Dagworth Wheeler.

What happens next is that we are going to stop issuing newsletters on a regularly quarterly basis; instead, we’ll just produce them when we feel like it.  It also means we’ve stopped the quarterly planning meetings and will be free to drop events into the schedule as the fancy takes us.

Because we don’t know how many newsletters there will be each year, we’ll have a different distribution system instead of the annual subscription.  If you get the newsletter by e-mail—you still will.  If you’re Cally (with whom we have a reciprocal arrangement to our mutual advantage), nothing changes.  Everybody else: either switch to e-mail or send us a quantity of SAEs.  We’ll use these to send you the newsletter and, when we get to the last one, we’ll put in a note saying ‘this is the last one’.

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Our new system of having monthly meetings on the nearest Thursday to the full moon seems to be working … so far. The next meetings will be on 17th April at Rattlesden Five Bells, 15th May at Naughton Wheelhouse, 12th June at Earl Soham Victoria, and 10th July at Cockfield Plough & Fleece.


At the AGM, which lasted all of five minutes, we elected David Whatling to the post of Foreman.  (He wasn’t there so was unable to object.)  Bill Ives is this year’s Vice-President and all the other officers were re-elected unopposed.  The annual accounts showed the same profit as last year: 38p.

More Monthly Meetings

The Veteran-Cycle Club ‘Flat Section’ meets on the last Monday of each month.  The meeting place is different each month.  Regular attendees and subscribers to The Twisted Spoke will know which meetings are where.  Otherwise, making a ’phone call to Cally on 01986 784664 is a good idea to check that you’re heading for the right pub.


As summer approaches, a rash of beer festivals and breaks out; we’ll go to some of them.  Bury St Edmunds beer festival runs from 23rd to 26th April and, as usual, we’ll ride there on the Friday, leaving from Unity Road, Stowmarket at 10:00 am.

There’s a new festival in Stowmarket, in the John Peel Centre, on 28th & 29th March.  We’ll make this another Friday visit, but in the evening this time (well, it doesn’t open until 4pm).

We’ve been going to a beer festival on the Late Spring Bank Holiday weekend for the last (mumble) years.  There’s usually a choice and this year we’ve plumped for the Henley Cross Keys.  If we start from Unity Road Stowmarket at 10:30, we can pick up at Reeds Way, Stowupland at 11:00, then wander through various Creetings to Hemingstone and Henley.  This’ll be on Sunday, leaving Monday to go back again, go somewhere else, or sleep it off … or even go on the V-CC airfields ride.

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