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BSkyB Multiple perspectives on viability
Cisco On the perils of outsourcing.
Credit Card An illustration of system dynamics in which the system oscillates between two competing concerns.
Enron On the economic and ethical issues of corporate bankruptcy.
Fire Brigade Based on a classic study by Isabel Menzies Lyth.  The presenting problem was difficulty recruiting fire-fighters.  What was the "real" problem?
Hadrian's Wall On conflicting interests and perspectives.
Healthcare This case study describes three decisions taken in different places at different times within a large complex organization. Each decision can be seen as locally rational within its own "frame" but when all three decisions are placed side-by-side, an entirely different picture emerges.
Heathrow Express This case study shows two business leaders stepping up to a crisis and managing to achieve the outcomes they wanted to.
Invensys Viability - a business model of acquisition and profit-taking, and its long-term sustainability.
Kodak On decision-making and crisis management.
Leisure Centre A clash between different stakeholders at a local leisure centre, used to illustrate a general systems pattern.
LongWall Mining The classic study of sociotechnical systems.
M16 rifle On a technology that was grossly unfit for purpose.
MSI A clash between two different business models.
Marks and Spencer The possible conflict between identity and viability.
Mobile Charge A system intervention by the UK phone regulator aiming to achieve "fair competition" in mobile phone charging.
Nuclear Energy Tricky questions of economic and social viability.
Personal Manufacturing Station This case illustrates an entrepreneurial failure, which can possibly be attributed to management error.
PFI (Private Finance Initiative) On the (stated, revealed) purpose of large complex systems.
Wholefood Distributor A small company faced with the challenges of growth.

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