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The page consists of the various menus culled from the Inns on this site. They illustrate the range of foods available to the traveller. Links to the source Inn are given.

The Drunken Hake, Arathel [**** High]

You don't actually get to choose from a menu; you get whatever Colleen, the cook, made today. During the Thing there are 1-3 items available, all other times roll 1d10

Colleen's Drunken Hake1d
Liam's Drunk Again
The leftover Hake fried up and splashed with a bit more cyser
Mussels and Dry Bread1d
Lamb Stew and Oat Bread1d
Fish'n Brewis
Salt cod cooked up in fatback with hardtack (a Jarin favorite!)
Braised Brisket and Rye Bread1d
Hunter's Goose
Goose roasted, then layered with white beans, mushrooms and herbs
Ploughman's Special
Assorted cheeses, pickles, and breads
Cidered Ham and Baked Beans1d
Grilled Salmon1d

The Fox and Duck Inn [*** High]

Wild nettle soup1f
Cream of buck-eyed bean soup2f
Ewe's cheese and bread roll3f
Ragend of Goat and Onion stew1d
Mutton and pearl barley stew1d 2f
Lamb liver ragout1d 3f
Mixed offal grill2d 2f
Grilled trout with watercress3d
Roast mutton with pot herbs4d 2f
Roast port with apple, cider and onion sauce6d
Roast venison with rabbit sauce8d

The Green Wyvern, Shiran [**** High+]

Pork and Prune Pie1d
Roast Capon basted in 7-Herb Butter with Spinach Sauce2d
Lake Benath White Fish and Cracked Wheat Pie3d
Smoked Cod Baked in Custard4d
Duck Eggs Poached in Venison Broth with White Bread5d
Twin Hares in Mulberry Jelly6d
Saddle of Veal with White Truffles and Honeyed Pears7d
Roast Goose stuffed with Roast Pheasant Stuffed with Roast Quail8d
Smoked Ham of Hefiosa Boar in Vinegar-Mustard Sauce9d
Roast Peacock with Wild Berry Dressing and Spicy Almond Pepper Sauce10d

Haakapik, Arathel [*** Ave]

You don't actually get to choose from a menu; you get whatever Jarri, the cook, made today. During the Thing there are 1-3 items available, all other times roll 1d10

Fish 'n Brewis
salt cod, fatback, and hardtack, a local favorite
Flipper Stew
made from the tenderest parts of the seal flipper
Lutfiske and cabbage2f
Goat Cheese and Black Bread with cabbage2f
Gravlax and Rye Bread
pickled salmon with herbs and honey)
Grilled Salmon and cabbage2f
Poached Salmon and cabbage2f
Smoked Salmon and cabbage2f
Steamed Salmon and cabbage2f
Baked Salmon and cabbage2f
above entrees without cabbage2f extra.

The Millers', Vayra Manor [*** Low]

Broth/soup, with loaf of bread0.5 d per bowl
Stew, with loaf of bread0.75 d per bowl
Oatmeal0.25 d per bowl
Bread (rye)0.25 d per loaf
Bread (wheat) 0.5 d per loaf
Buns (sweet)0.5 d per dozen
Oatcakes0.25 d per dozen
Hot meal with meat / spring, summerUnavailable
Hot meal with meat / harvest festival1 d
Hot meal with meat / autumn, winter3 d

Southgate Inn, Eshaple [**** High]

oat porridge, cold meats and bread
1d per meal
Game Soup and bread3/4d per bowl
Cheese and bread platter1 1/4d per platter
Light meal
lamb stew with beans and barley
1 3/4d per platter
Full course meal
rabbit soup & bread, followed by roast pork, turnip cabbage and beans, then apple tart.
4 1/4d per platter
Arnak roe on toasted bread3d per plate
Es Catch Platter
a mix of various fish (including arnak and trout), crab, cockles; served with bread
2 1/2d per platter

The Wooden Tankard [*** Ave]

The following menu is a typical weekly menu. The menu is changed on the 10th of each ten-day, most items being made up in bulk, and reheated during the week when required. All items on the menu are available throughout the ten-day.

Beef/Mutton Stew3f
Bean soup/Vegetable soup2f
Chunk of Cheese (Cow/Goat)3f
Fresh loaf of bread, and butter2f
Beef and biscuits1d
Garden Vegetables1d
Pork and Apples 2d
Catch of the Day (fish)3d
Catch of the Day (meat)4d
Roast Hare with polenta6d
Pan Fried Pork and biscuits1d

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