new perspective

Articles in the 1999/2000 issues include these topics:

European History

The French Revolution by Dr Malcolm Crook

Italian Unification by Vyvyen Brendon

The Young Turks, 1908-14 by A.L. Macfie

Causes of the First World War by Dr William Simpson

Communists and Soviets by Professor Richard Sakwa

Germany's Eastern Border 1920-2 by Dr David Williamson

The Ruhr Crisis, 1923-4 by Dr Conan Fischer

Was Nazism a Fascism? by Dr Richard Thurlow

France, 1914-40 by Peter Neville


British History

Women and the Industrial Revolution by Dr Pat Hudson

Sir Robert Peel by Dr T.A. Jenkins

Disraeli by Dr E.J. Feuchtwanger

Stanley Baldwin by Dr Robert Pearce

The Economy, 1918-39 by Dr Sean Glynn

Conservatives, 1918-39 by Dr Stuart Ball

Appeasement by Professor Philip Bell



Three special Millennial Essays

by Professors Keith Robbins and Eric Hobsbawn and

Dr Bruce Haddock

and shorter articles on:


Topic guides


Individual study and the Internet


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