A selection of articles published in past issues of new perspective.

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Lord Grey and the 1832 Reform Act by Dr E.A. Smith.

Alexander II's Great Reforms and the Modernisation of Russia by Dr David Moon.

The `People's Budget': Causes and Consequences by Professor Martin Pugh.

From Weimar to Hitler: The Rise and fall of the First German Democracy by Dr E.J. Feuchtwanger. Vol 1.

The Conservative Party in the Nineteenth Century, 1832-1914 by Dr David Dutton.

Reflections on the Russian Revolution of 1917 in a Post-Communist World by Beryl Williams.

The Emergence of the Labour Party by Dr Henry Pelling.

Britain's Post-war Economic Decline by Nicholas Woodward.

The Importance of Palmerston's Domestic Achievements by Stephen Lee.

Ramsay MacDonald and the Rise of Labour by Professor Kenneth Morgan.

The Rise of Nazism by Dr Conan Fischer.

Gladstone by Dr E.J. Feuchtwanger.

The Eastern Question by A.L. Macfie.

Franco and the Politics of Nationalist Spain by Patricia Knight.

Myth and Reality in the Risorgimento by Dr Bruce Haddock.

The Liberals and the Great War, 1914-18 by Dr Michael Lynch.

Life in the Third Reich by Henry Metelmann.

The Fall of the Romanovs by Maureen Perrie.

Economy and Society Between the Wars, 1918-39 by Nicholas Woodward.

Mussolini's Rivals: The Limits of the personality Cult in fascist Italy by Professor John Pollard.

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