A Message to Advanced and Higher Level Teachers in Schools and Colleges from the Editor

I would like to introduce you to new perspective, the journal for Advanced and Higher Level Modern History students (1789-1974), which has grown with its reputation to become the student-centred journal of preference for Modern History.

John Fines (Past President of the Historical Association and Professor, Chichester Institute) wrote about new perspective:

'… carefully aimed at Sixth Form students. … The authors are distinguished and authoritative. … Each article read will be a significant contribution to a good answer on the day.' (Teaching History)

More and more History Departments subscribe to this high-quality complement to Advanced and Higher Level texts.

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To order new perspective for 1999-2000 just print out the order form below and send it with your cheque for 16.30, payable to Sempringham to our address (below).

If your school/college has never subscribed to new perspective since its foundation in 1995 (we have complete records) just send two second-class stamps with:

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to: New Perspective, PO Box 248, Bedford MK40 2SP (Tel 01234 267856).

Gilbert Pleuger (Editor)


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