I live in England, London. I am aged 24, and love listening to The Verve, as well as Oasis and The Prodigy, I think all 3 groups saved me from going Insane :))
My two favourite singers are Celine Dion, and Phil Collins.
In my spare time, I enjoy building, and assembling PC's, as well as playing games, and reading about PC's. See? I love 'em!
I'm a proper techno-buff, I love reading and studying about the new bits of technology, that always arrive in the PC industry....then I always end up buying them.

I enjoy going down to the pub, and other bars, with most of me mates. Now to be honest, these
guys are the most ignorant nuts I've ever met...They know who they are... ;-)

I studied at Kingston University (Comp Science), and also recieved 2 Diploma's at College, In Computer Studies, and I.T. Applications.
I currently work at Racal Acoustics, as a programmer, and an engineer, where we design, and
manufacture communications equipment.

Most of the time, I can be found on Irc (Internet Relay Chat), on the #Beginners channel, I love it there, and all my friends hang out there, so we all have a general laugh.

Apart from blowing up PC's, and assembling, I also enjoy playing games on my machine, I think the PC is the games platform of the future, and it will be around for some time.
Diablo, Unreal, Command & Conquer, and Half Life, are the best games of all time.
Diablo has become one of my best RPG's ever, and as I'm sure, many of my friends on AGD will agree.
Diablo 2 is on the way people.....

I can occasionally be found on Battle.Net, with the following characters:
L40 Mage    - Angelus-DTA
L46 Warrior - Kain-DTA

P.S. I hate Bill Gates, I really do - He makes shit, and then sells it to us, and we line his pockets....Grrrrr

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ICQ No: 16147227