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Since I 'jumped' on the 'net at the beginning of June '98, I was somewhat shocked at the vast amount of information that was available to me. I couldn't believe how large the whole concept of the 'net was. I remembered in University, a friend of mine telling me about a program, that allows you to chat to other net-users around the world in real time (well almost) - this was when I remembered about mIRC.I loaded up the program, and jumped on to the Internet Relay Chat, most commonly known as IRC.

The IRC network is a virtual meeting place where people from all over the world can meet and talk.IRC consists of hundreds of channels, each with their own topic. Each channel, can have many, many users on it, chatting away.
Upon loading up the program, I was bewildered at the amount of channels there was, so I clicked on the first channel which was #Beginners........and, to be honest, this is where my problems began, I started logging on everyday, chatting to different people, who dropped in and out of it. It became an annoying habit - I'd come from work tired, switch on the PC, and start chatting away.

[mIRC] was developed by the great programming talents of : Khaled Mardam-Bey (Bet he never knew how successful it would be!!).

Everyone who uses mIRC owes a debt of gratitude to this guy, without him, we all would not have come together.