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Diablo/Hellfire Downloads

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Coming Soon....
Due to be released: June/July 2000
NEW 3Dfx Images added to the Gallery
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Redefining the First Person Shooter Genre....

My Best Half Life Deathmatch Results

DTA's Best TFC Results

Misc/Funny Screen Shots

So -you wanna fight me with a wrench?.... (Three 48-50k Images)

AGHL Gymnastics Nite

Kain's Clanmatch History
Please bear in mind that, I've compressed these screenshots as much as possible, to keep the file size down, to around
50k maximum. Because of this, some screenshots may be slightly harder to read.
I do still have the original's if you require them. Email me if you wish.

Big respects go to everyone at

Clan DTA (R.I.P) - For now..