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The Work of Women in the World is worth its weight in Gold

"An exhibition really worth seeing" - Jo Brand

Whether she's an MD of a multinational company or makes sure that a family goes out well fed and wearing clean clothes each day, every woman's contribution to society should be celebrated more often.

This was an exhibition really worth seeing, not just to hammer home to men how much more they should value the women in their lives but also because it helped boost a woman's confidence in her own achievement.

Women's work in all its diversity was celebrated in this exhibition with casts made by 100 women from all walks of life - from volunteers to a Viscountess - and women's voices speaking and singing. The show featured sculptures by Gillian Singer and a centrepiece by international artist Leda Papaconstantinou. This Millennium Festival women's event was organised by Threshold to promote self-esteem and positive mental health, bringing together the everyday and the extraordinary in a 'snapshot' of the many layers of women's activity at the beginning of a new century. It was a testimony to the work of women - so often a labour of love - work that oils the wheels of the world. See our dedicates website page "The Work of Women in the World is Worth its Weight in Gold".

Comedy Benefit

This fund-raising event took place at the Hove Centre on Bank Holiday Monday, 29th May 2000 - at the end of the Brighton Festival. It was promoted by Chris Williams, a Production Manager with many years' experience working in the entertainment business, and a good 'Friend' of Threshold.

Chris offered to produce a comedy event to raise much needed money for Threshold and was able to promote the comedy benefit with the help of David Lavender (Artistic Director of the Komedia Theatre) and Tim Hawkins (Finance Director/Operations Manager), who provided much needed publicity and technical support. Jenny Lewin-Turner (duty manager of the Hove Centre) also offered support on behalf of Brighton and Hove Council, in supplying the venue and marketing the show.

The benefit had a top class line up with comedians Jo Brand (Threshold's patron) Jenny Éclair and Harry Hill, who all agreed to take part in the benefit and to whom we are extremely grateful. The event managed to raise a staggering £9,000 for Threshold, which has helped to keep much needed Counselling and Drop In services running.

A fantastic night of entertainment was had by all, even though some were shocked by the material! Threshold would like to say a big thank you to all those involved in the benefit and to all those who supported the event.

Tirril Harris Talk

Instead of holding an annual conference in 1999, Threshold organised an open lecture on Gender and Depression in November of that year. The talk was given by Tirril Harris, a well-known researcher on depression, whose seminal work in the late 1970's "The Social Origins of Depression" helped to put the social issues that contribute to women's depression on the map.

The talk explored the way that real issues in women's lives, such as isolation, lack of a close confident, poverty and having experienced trauma or loss in their early life, may contribute towards an experience of depression.

The talk helped to put flesh on the bones of what we at Threshold are well aware of - that women's mental health is closely related to women's life experiences and the quality of their lives.


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