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There are 3 main projects within the training department:

  • Threshold Training in Women and Mental Health - an accredited training course for unqualified workers.
  • A rolling programme of training days for anyone working therapeutically with Women
  • Customised training for organisations on aspects of women and mental health.

Threshold Training in Women and Mental Health:
This is a course developed by Threshold, drawing on our experience of working with women with mental health difficulties over a number of years. It is aimed at local, unqualified mental health workers and volunteers, as well as our own drop-in service volunteers. It is accredited by the Open College Network at level 3 and runs for one day a week for eight weeks.

The course aims to give students a broad understanding of the main mental health difficulties common to women, to give them the skills and knowledge to work in a mental health setting and to develop a critical and reflective approach to their work.

Students are involved in participatory learning throughout, undertake a research project on a particular mental health difficulty and take part in reflective practice groups. There are visiting speakers to the course from local workers and service users.

The course covers:
  • Models of mental health - a critical exploration of the medical model - its uses and limitations and its classification system.
  • Causes of mental health difficulties - an understanding of the multi-factorial basis of mental health difficulties (including a psychological, social and biological perspective)
  • An awareness of the mental health system: treatments available; referral routes; the working of an interdisciplinary team.
  • In depth exploration of particular mental health difficulties commonly experienced by women. These will include eating disorders, anxiety and depression, self-harm, psychosis. Other issues can be negotiated with the student group.
  • Good practice in relation to working with the above client group, including risk-assessment.
  • Developing insight into the experience of having a mental health difficulty. Service user perspectives will be included throughout the course and we will have input from users as part the training.
  • Equal opportunities and non-discriminatory practice. The experience of women and minority groups will be explored and related to a current work setting.
  • Reflections on good practice in relation to all the above. Students will be expected to reflect on their own work practice throughout the course, as well as write up a peer evaluation group exercise on practice issues.

Rolling Programme of Training Days:
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Customised Training:
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