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Management Committee

Chair: Renata Gussone
Vice Chair: Charlotte Holtham
Treasurer: Vacant
Other members: Jan Aram, Helen Jones, Tusia Werner
Drop in Volunteer
Co-optees: Laura Bennett & Kate Lown
Counsellor Co-optees: Mica Bobsin & Jen White
Observers: Counsellor Alison Hermitage

Staff Team

Director: Margaret Unwin
Clinical Director: Eva Coleman
TWC Manager: Terry Bell-Halliwell
Drop In Manager: Ruth Dawson
Development & Outreach Worker: Mel Bates
Drop In Volunteer Co-ordinator: Liz Devaney
Training & Conference Co-ordinator: Wook Hamilton
Infoline Co-ordinator: Kat Williams & Maternity Cover Laura Bennett
Threshold Administrator: Charlotte Field
TWC Administrator: Erika Glazer

Sessional Workers: Jo Alderson, Laura Bennett, Denise Bricknell, Kate Lown, Ruth Nicholls
Creche Workers: Vanessa Arounis, Rachel Bergonzi/Gould, Rachel Corcoran-Daldy, Dawn Evans, Peggy Fenton, Tina Ford, Maud Freemantle, Sara Garwood, Gill Grainger, Brenda Kerr, Daphne Leff, Maria Pavledis, Chris Puttick, Kim Rice, Tanooshka Roanna Williamson

Counsellors and Therapists: Mica Bobsin, Lorraine Butcher, Sue Chamberlayne, Neela Choudhury, Eva Coleman, Kim Crewe, Kay Lynn, Kathie McCabe, Janis McCarthy, Jane Parkinson
Trainee Placements: Pat Bowen, Helen Hawley, Janis McCarthy
Counselling Supervisors: Elaine Arnold, Clare Brennan, Jane Dawson, Tree Geeson, Sarah Soutar, Jen White, Melanie Withers
External Supervisors/Facilitators: Elaine Arnold, Francis Nielson, Jane Puddy, Alice Purnell, Kate Springford

Drop In Volunteers: Kate Adamson-Hope, Caroline Cheung, Lisa Dando, Clare Disano, Catherine Gillo, Betty Hedgecock, Emma Jones, Sophia March, Val North, Sarah Paget, Flo Snook, Susan Spence, Janine Townsend


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