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The First concert - 26th April 2015

lucy vic murray
Vic and Lucy Murray Shelmerdine
disteve bing
Steve & Diane Nevill Bing Lyle

steve diane bing
Steve Diane Bing

The Second concert - 24th May 2015

overture stuart
Some tunes from Tina, Bing and Vic to start things off. Stuart Reed
denise lucy tina
The comperes - Denise and Lucy Tina Smith
tinvic tinvic
Tina and Vic Tina and Vic
tinvic denise lucy
Tina and Vic Denise & Lucy thank the performers at the end of the concert.

The Third concert - 28th June 2015

LucyVic GuyDan
The comperes - Lucy & Vic Guy Hayes and Dan Stewart
GuyDanDave AdamLaura
Guy Hayes, Dan Stewart & Dave Richardson Adam Ronchetti & Laura Ward - Hickory Signals
000 001
Adam Ronchetti & Laura Ward - Hickory Signals Mike Ainscough & Chris Wolferstan

The Fourth concert - 26th July 2015

mattdan mattdan
The Mighty Quinns - Matt & Dan The Mighty Quinns - Matt & Dan
richardcharlotte juliegavin
Richard & Charlotte Julie & Gavin
Juliegavin richardcharlotte
Richard & Charlotte Matt
matt lucy richard
Matt Quinn Lucy Richard

The Fifth concert - 27th September 2015

tina vic lucy vic
A few tunes to start things off. This month's comperes - Lucy and Vic
glashin Will
Glashin - Paul & Jo Dengate Will Duke
lucy paul jo
A poem from Lucy to start the second half Paul Dengate Jo Dengate

Lewes Folk Festival concert - 11th October 2015

rots1 rots compere
Rattle On The Stovepipe Rattle On The Stovepipe being thanked by the comperes Vic & Lucy

The Sixth concert - 25th October 2015

compere tina vic
The comperes, Lucy and Tina Some tunes as an overture - Tina & Vic
ian tina Steve Tony
Some tunes as an overture - Ian & Tina Steve Matcham & Tony Elphick
ian Steve Tony Mike
Ian Chisholm Elphick. Matcham & Tristram
terry terry
Terry Masterson Terry Masterson
tony mike terry
Tony Elphick Mike Tristram Terry Masterson

The Seventh concert - 22nd November 2015

compere bonnie anne
This month's comperes - Lucy and Denise Bonnie Flitney and Anne Sartain of Cotillion
john bonnie anne
On behalf of the Oyster Project, John Russell thanks the organisers of the Folk In the Chapel concerts and all the singers and musicians who have given their services for free during the year. Bonnie Flitney of Cotillion Anne Sartain of Cotillion
alan linda mike
Alan Wheeler of Cotillion Linda of Cotillion Mike Nicholson
mike lucy mike
Mike Nicholson Lucy helps Mike out on his last song.
barnfield1 barnfield2
The Barnfield Band Ben Schwausch, Emma Gatrill and Michi Mathias of The Barnfield Band
barnfield3 lucy denise
Saskia Heriz, Chris Ades & Andrew Partington of The Barnfield Band Performers are thanked by Lucy & Denise at the end of the concert.
emma emma
Emma puts down her clarinet to give us some excellent flatfoot dancing to an American tune led by Michi on the fiddle Emma puts down her clarinet to give us some excellent flatfoot dancing to an American tune led by Michi on the fiddle

24th January 2016

Trevor Trevor
Trevor & Michael Curry Trevor Curry

Michael Curry Lucy & Dan John Cave
Trevor Curry Lucy & Dan dance to Michael & Trevor's music John Cave
Trevor Michael Lucy Vic

Trevor & Michael Curry Comperes Lucy & Vic thank Trevor & Michael
John Cave Jim & Iris

John Cave Jim Ward & Iris Bishop at the end of their set

28th February 2016

Lucy Denise Hard Pressed
Denise & Lucy - comperes Hard Pressed - Derek Seed, Liz Randall. Roger Resch
Bryan Roy Carolyn Iris
Brian Skinner & Roy Nash Carolyn Robson & Iris Bishop

27th March 2016

tina vic stuart coupe
A tune from Tina and Vic as an overture Stuart Coupe
rosie rowan marilyn iris
Rosie Hodgson & Rowan Piggott Marilyn Bennett & Iris Bishop
stuart rosie rowan
Stuart Coupe Rosie Hodgson Rowan Piggott

24th April 2016

rots1 rots2
Rattle on the Stovepipe - Pete, Dave, Dan Rattle on the Stovepipe - Pete, Dave, Dan
rots3 rots4
Rattle on the Stovepipe - Pete, Dave, Dan Rattle on the Stovepipe - Pete, Dave, Dan
lucy pete dan
Lucy - compere Pete Cooper Dan Stewart

22nd May 2016

compere lucy denise start music
The comperes, Lucy and Denise Some tunes as an overture - Joy, Vic, Jack Tom
full shanty jack tom
The Full Shanty - Keith, David, Peter, Bill. Jack Hogsden & Tom Evans
joydeck joydeck
Joy Lewis & Derrick Hughes Joy Lewis & Derrick Hughes
jack tom joy & derrick
Jack Tom Joy & Derrick

26th June 2016

lucy tina dan
Comperes - Lucy & Tina An overture tune from Tina & Vic
dick and friends jeff jean
Jeff & Jean Thomas, Rory Foxley, Dick Streeter. Jeff & Jean Thomas.
caroline john
Caroline Kendall John Morgan
rory caroline john
Rory Foxley with his "Hornmonica"! Caroline Kendall John Morgan

24th July 2016

vic tina dan
Vic & Tina Dan Quinn
dan rude mex
Dan Quinn. Rude Mechanicals - Barry Ruffell, Ray Chandler and Mick Parker
ray mick barry ray
Ray Chandler & Mick Parker of Rude Mechanicals Barry Ruffell & Ray Chandler of Rude Mechanicals
dan ray
Dan Quinn Ray Chandler

24th September 2016

vic becky hogsdens
Some tunes as an overture Some tunes as an overture
Jack, Ian, Tina. Becky Leon
Some tunes as an overture Becky Leon
becky leon jack ian
Becky & Leon are joined by their son Jack Hogsden for their last song.. Ian Kearey.
aisling mandy aisling mandy
Aisling & Mandy Murray Aisling & Mandy Murray

becky aisling mandy
Becky" Aisling Mandy

23rd October 2016

cullens1 cullens2
John & Di Cullen John & Di Cullen
nv1 nv2
Naked Voices Naked Voices
sr1 sr2
Stuart Reed Stuart Reed

27th November 2016

Tony Jan Mark Kevin
Tony Dunn & Jan Creaye Mark Taylor & Kevin Barber
tony willow
Tony Dunn. Willow Harmony.
jan willow
Jan Creaye Willow Harmony

Kevin Mark Tony
Kevin Mark Tony Dunn performing his famed concertina swinging act to produce a Doppler effect whilst he plays a bell-ringing sequence on a tune that has acquired the nickname of "Quasimodo's Polka". His movements are too quick for my camera!

22nd January 2017

murray twaggers
Murray Shelmerdine The Twagger Band
will derrick ian sue joy
Will Duke, Derrick Hughes, Ian Chisholm Sue Evans Joy Lewis
derrick joydeck sue
Derrick Joy & Derrick Sue

26th February 2017

overture di steve
An overture from Tina, Vic, Bing & Steve Diane & Steve Nevill
di steve di steve
Diane & Steve Nevill Diane & Steve Nevill
bing bing
Bing Lyle Bing Lyle

diane steve bing
Diane Steve Bing

23rd April 2017

Ravi GuyDan
Ravi Sawney Ravi Sawney
Ravi Terry
Ravi Sawney Terry Masterson
Terry Terry
Terry Masterson Terry Masterson