Tuning Kits


Titan kits Mk 1-2 and Falcon (please state which and calibre).                                 41.00

Includes five hammer springs + brass spring guide + brass cocking lever with roller + O rings + Easyway Guide + lube.                                                   41.00 or 36.00 without Easyway Guide.

Special deal Kit and Valve for 52.00.

Falcon Raptor Kit (as above but without cocking lever)                                             45.00

Daystate LR 90 Kit Includes three different hammer springs + lube + O rings + Easyway Guide 29.00 or 24.00 without Easyway Guide LR 90 Valve 15.00

Special Deal LR 90 kit and valve 41.00

Rapid 7 Kits Include five different hammer springs + four exhaust valve springs + lube + buddy bottle O rings + one spare buddy bottle valve + Easyway Guide.                                 29.00

Rapid 7 Stronger modified Exhaust valves                                                                   29.00 each

Rapid 7 Seal kits. Includes seals, Molykote 33, O rings, collet and T. bar.                 23.50

Special Deal Rapid 7 Kit + Valve + Seal kit normally 81.50. for only                      70.00

Note - The latest Rapids seem to have a plastic seal unit which is replaced when leaking. (I know). All is not lost though, because I will probably make them in stainless steel for around 50.00, if there is enough demand.

Rapid 7 Up to 23" inch Walther barrels (not blued) more shots per charge power + accuracy  110.00 + 6.00 P&P

Bluing Kit for above or other projects only 10.00

Rapid 7 Heavy Duty Buddy bottle O rings (3) 3.50

Air Arms S300 Kits Include five different hammer springs + lube +  Molykote 33 grease + Easyway Guide 29.00.

S300 Exhaust valve (Suitable for use with above kit) 17.00

Special Deal S300 kit and valve for only 40.00

BSA Superten set of five hammer springs of varying strength plus four shims. No instructions are supplied. This is for professional use, please don't ring asking for instructions over the phone.

The price is 25.00

Webley Axsor Tuning kit (Basic) Includes a set of four hammer springs, O-rings and lube. 25.00

Special Deal Master kit includes Basic Kit plus exhaust valve, brass secondary chamber, inlet valves.                                                                                                                                       70.00

Rabbit Stopper / Rat Catcher - Set of 3 hammer springs                                                     9.00

Important Note: Please remember that publications are normally sent separately.

If you order a kit and a publication they could arrive on different dates. Although they are posted at the same time.

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