The Airgun Tuning Manual. 6.50.

Airgun Tuning Manual gives tips and tricks learned over many years of tuning airguns. In this tuning and servicing spring powered airgun manual is the information on how to get the best accuracy and power from your small airgun of only 4 ft lbs to high power up to 25 ft lbs.

Engineering tools are not essential. Energy and velocity loss charts included.

Years of knowledge for only 5.95. The Tuning of the HW 80 is also on the Video Airguns to Centrefire

Airgun Buyers Guide 6.40.

Don't buy an airgun until you have studied the Airgun Buyers Guide. I had to write this book to prevent fellow shooters from buying the wrong gun. This guide gives the actual power levels you can expect from standard airguns bought off the shelf to properly tuned guns. Each gun is given an off the shelf power and the power levels attainable with various states of tuning. This is an unbiased guide of what you can really expect from from the most popular airguns. It could save you lots of money in the long run. Do not get this Buyers Guide mixed up with others, if you want the facts. Updated regularly

Buying Zeroing a Telescopic Sight    5.00  jargon and requirements explained.

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