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Below is some special deals and some hard to come by items.

Don't wait too long if you require anything.

Trigger Shoes  15.00

Combro chrono 32.95

Chronographs with memory (gives average) 90.00  + 5.00 p & p.

Special Deals:-

We still sell the reliably powerful Beast mainsprings at 18.00 as used by professional tuners and Firearms Dealers. These are available for nearly all airguns, but not gats etc.

3-9 X 32 35.00

8 X 56 (Looks similar to Ziess) 75.00

6 X 42  (looks similar to Ziess) 65.00

6 X 40 Telescopic Sights 35.00.

Burris 6 - 24X Scopes 500.00

Burris & Ziess Scopes from 400.00

Pre-charge charging kits with hose and gauge 45.00 (state whether A or Din fitting)

Rubber eye tubes 3" inches long, cuts out light from behind. 9.95

One Piece Mounts 22.00

Two piece mounts 14.00

Two piece mounts 34.00

.20 Pellets Superdome 4.00 Tin.

Silhouette Pellets .22 3.50 Tin. (200) + p & p.

Make your own plaster targets Fox, Rabbit, Circle, Pigeon etc. 6.00 each mould. Normally makes two at a time.

Sheridan Stronger hammer springs Swedish Silicon Chrome 9.00

Sheridan exhaust valves 15.00 when available.

Sheridan plastic seals 3.00

Co2 Available, Range of different Co2 guns  and accessories etc.

Magnetic range targets 30.00 collected.

Adjustable Pellet Sizer. Precision made.

These sizers are adjustable, so that the pellet can be sized down slightly to give a more consistent barrel fit. The Sizer can give extra power and accuracy, by giving the optimum size of pellet.

The sizers are made of steel and brass for long life.  18.00 Please state Calibre required i.e.:- .177 or .22

Other Items and BARGAIN DEALS

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