Beast High Power mainsprings. Available for most popular guns.

Export + Swedish Silicon Chrome Steel round section of the highest quality. Still only 18.00.

Set of 4 lubricants with lube instructions  13.00


Transfer port reaming service (just send empty cylinder).   12.00 + 2.00 post.

Cylinder honing  (just send empty cylinder).     12.00 + 2.00 post.

Magnum Tune         65.00

Magnum Tune For FAC  Send FAC with gun, after tuning to FAC the gun will have to be collected 65.00

TX 200 piston bored out for Beast spring     22.00 just send piston. + 2.00 post.

TX 200 piston as above but left adjustable (for max. stroke)  22.00 with instructions + 2.00 post.


If you wish to call and collect please telephone first, to make sure that I will be in and also to make sure that we have what you require, as parts not in stock can be made while you are on your way, ready for collection.

Professional Tuning Kits for spring powered guns only  48.00

Professional Tuning Kits for spring powered guns only  36.00 without spring guide.

Kit includes:-  Individual price

PTFE Washer 9.00

Beast High Power Spring 18.00

Steel one piece precision made spring guide  15.00

Set of 4 lubricants with lube instructions 13.00 or 3.50 each

Heavy duty breech seal where required 3.50

Piston weights where possible 3.50

Transfer port dimensions

Increased stroke modification for O ring type BSAs. Airsporters and Mercurys.

Transfer port reamers  41.00

Cylinder hones   41.00

Power Warning

There is a limit of 12 ft lbs for air rifles in the UK and 6 ft lbs. for air pistols.

You are not allowed to tune any airgun over this limit.

All, items 1.50 post, unless stated otherwise.

For FAC guns please

telephone 0378 751463.

For the Firearms

conversion department.

Save up to 13.50 if you buy the Tuning Kit


See individual prices below.



Easyway Gudes


Co2 Guns now available No firearms certificate required unless they exceed the UK limit. Also Co2 Powerlets, please ring for best price.

Please make Cheques or Postal Orders payable to T.R. Robb.

If you are happy with the parts please tell your friends, if you are not happy with the parts then tell us. Please bear in mind that the parts are hand made so please be patient if you have ordered a special part. Although we normally carry most parts in stock.

Crosman Rabbit Stopper - Hammer spring set 15.00

Sound moderators 22.00

Sound moderators extra long 32.00

FAC holders only - New guns available. Tuned from 12 ft lbs to 30 ft lbs depending on model:-See Airgun Buyers Guide.

Recommended FAC power is around 20 ft lbs. This gives the best accuracy, for standard pellets.

Please ring 0378 751463 to discuss your requirements or book a visit. You must have an FAC.

Reloading equipment for centre fire ammunition.


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